Anything changend in wildlife spawn?

i noticed ( mostly due to being mauled/poisoned/killed) wildlife spawning out of nowhere very close to my NPCs. I’m quite sure this didn’t happen some times ago, and it’s quite nasty for a newly made char, with close to no skill/equipment. Is there anything i should be aware of ?

Nothing has changed in wildlife spawning for a long time AFAIK. I do agree that the system isn’t very good though, and really needs a bit of a rework.

It’s always happened, that’s how dynamic spawn works, the difference since a long time back is that you can set your viewport to be bigger so you can see them when they appear.

The long-term plan is to switch everything over to a static/dynamic hybrid, where stuff spawns at game start and is persistent, but can change over time. (e.g. animals die off or reproduce over time, or perhaps some of them zombify, but the populations stay roughly constant) Same for fungals, triffids, etc, who would all tend to expand their territories unless held in check somehow.

YAY, WOD THAT THAT IS GONNA HAPPEN ONE DAY!!! I was planning on making a thread sometime asking about that, but thank you for clarifying that!