A question regarding wildlife spawns

I’m on the android build
Build: 0.C-26323-gc6b7910c3e (If it matters)

How exactly does the wildlife spawn work? Do they keep respawning in a forest area indefinitely or do they stop spawning after a round of hunting?

Wildlife spawn is based on a data from “MONSTERGOUPS” json. They are placed into “GROUP_FOREST”. You can change their spawn if you want. They spawn indefinitely but its rate is based on a data from “MONSTERGOUPS” json.
https://ufile.io/rez6n - this is a link for my json file where a wildlife spawn is very, very low (the original spawn is sooooo ridiculous…). You can compare it with the original “MONSTERGOUPS” json

Question about that, actually. CAN you actually edit those monstergroups? I was under the impression that you cannot currently add to existing spawn groups.

IE: Can I create and add new mobs to those lists.

Thank you for your time. I have tweaked my .json file to values of my liking.