Any tips for rid off alcohol addiction?

I was play new version and saw ‘HOBO’ profession, and it give 4 point bonus!

7 times tried. all failed by terrible hallucination and withdrawal debuff.
is it possible to rid off addiction? and i’m really want to know mechanism of addiction too!

BTW 0.8’s crafting looks awesome! XD Finally Post-apocalypse Black smith!

There’s a hidden health stat. withdraw from any strong addiction hits it hard. I’d gather a lot of non-perishable food, a lot of water, then go camp out in a safehouse somewhere and go cold turkey. I’d also grab as many vitamins and vaccine shots as you can find.

At the moment I think withdrawl was bugged, someone had -800 health and just kept getting the cold and flu for weeks.

dayquil/nyquil get rid of cold and flu pretty quick. they lower the hours alot per pill. this is commonly found on floors in houses. getting it early for the hobo profession would be a challenge.

picking something like hobo should probably come with more negative stats back to make this more worthwhile.

Actually a good strategy for cold/flu is probably to try and stay on dayquill/nyquill all the time instead of trying to heal it with royal jelly or similar. The most important things are to load up on vitamins and vaccines if at all possible, and avoid fighting, because you’re going to be weak as hell while you detox. There’s also a bug(?) where sleeping pauses both withdrawal symptoms and withdrawal recovery, I’m really not sure what the best way to cope with that is, it gives your health time to recover, but it makes withdrawal last even longer, it’s especially bad if you get a cold/flu, because they make you tired all the time.

i’ve been very successful with the hobo profession. This past time I wound up with a dependence on sleeping pills, but it wasn’t too bad.

I feel like the trick is avoiding conflict when your morale is low and then practicing either fighting skills or tailoring right when you wake up and morale is high. Sleeping a lot helps heal you, so that’s no problem. Alcoholism doesn’t slow down your speed, so you can get away. A crowbar, some decent strength, and looting outskirts for food/water works great. I stop drinking alcohol after ~5 hours of game time (during that time, though, drink beer instead of whisky if you can find it; it has good nourishment). Usually I’m off the addiction by day 5 or so.

Or just ride the wave.

Make liquor stores your priority looting spot and feed that monkey on your back.

It’s actually kind of fun, though it can be hard to survive for very long.

I’ve been through several successful hobo builds already. Here are some tips I could give you:

  • Loot town as soon as you can. You’ll want to get as many things before the afternoon, which is when the nastiest parts of withdrawal kick in.

  • When forced to fight, never underestimate the power of fire. Even when at your worst, you can easily dispatch a small group of regular zombies by congo-lining them into a burning bush, and maybe even throw some rocks while your at it.

  • Find as many morale-boosters as you can. Ideally, you’ll find several books and foods to do this, but worst comes to worst tobacco works in a pinch and doesn’t have as nasty of a withdrawal as other drugs. You’ll want to do this to keep morale high enough to craft and maybe level up survival, which leads to…

  • … stay awake as long as possible. As Kevin pointed out, addiction currently does not go away by sleeping it off.

  • If you find a filter mask, wear it. Otherwise, try to craft one as soon as you can, ideally no later than day 2. So long as you don’t remove it, you’ll be guaranteed to rid yourself of the cold/flu within a day. You’ll still need to build up health otherwise, but that’s much easier to do if you’re not sick in the first place.

Loot until you find some Prozac and a Filter Mask. You’ll want some vitamins or vaccines as you find them as well as a means of making clean water. Clear a few houses and gather the water. A lighter is good too.

Once you have Prozac (10 should be enough), you can prevent the alcohol cravings from making it so you can’t craft. You can probably just forage enough wild vegetables to make broth and take you through. But you will need to be able to craft food (or you can just create enough food beforehand).

Filter Mask will prevent you from being infected by flu/cold; flu/cold cause you to be unable to sleep enough to get rid of tiredness, and the addiction doesn’t wear off during sleep. So you need to be able to stay awake.

It may be undesired behavior that a cold/flu will continue adding fatigue while you’re sleeping. I had multiple 8-hour sleeps result in not really getting me any fatigue reduction - stayed at Exhausted.

But that’s the basics - just get Prozac and a Filter Mask, which negate the two worst problems with alcohol addiction.

As a bit related topic:
Managed to kick crack addiction in five days,(as starting as Prostitute)
cold turkey all the way, with food and water.

IRL alcohol addiction is one of the hardest to kick, because of psychological and physical aspects both.

I find that the worst of crack addiction seems to be over after the first day. On second day I only briefly dipped below the crafting threshold, which is the big deal.

The hardest part is getting water, while avoiding all combat the first day. It is better to eat fruit and berries than meat to delay dehydration. After several unsuccessful attempts I ran into a bunch of scientist corpses right outside my shelter and got enough water to last till I found a laboratory. A lab coat for storage along with a filter mask helped a lot.

It’s also one of the few addictions out there that can actually kill you if you try to go cold turkey (unlike most which will just cause you to get really sick and feel like crap). Sadly this fact isn’t mirrored in Cataclysm (yet; MUHAHAHAHAHAHA! :D).

[quote=“Rivet, post:6, topic:3235”]Or just ride the wave.

Make liquor stores your priority looting spot and feed that monkey on your back.

It’s actually kind of fun, though it can be hard to survive for very long.[/quote]

Get the Ethanol Burner and the Blood Filter and just embrace it, you glorious drunk bastard.

[quote=“Dyne, post:9, topic:3235”]As a bit related topic:
Managed to kick crack addiction in five days,(as starting as Prostitute)
cold turkey all the way, with food and water.[/quote]
Congrats. I have never been able to keep a prostitute alive. The speed penalty is rough. I was starting to think that the underlying message of that profession was “don’t do crack, kids, the zombie apocalypse WILL kill you.”

can you still all of a sudden die of these drugs out of nowhere? Back in .6 I had taken poppy pain killer a few times. then a few days later out of nowhere I up and died of a heart attack. No idea this was coming. Doesn’t seem like its something I could have prevented. Since then I have not touched drug or alchohol at all other than some pain killers.

From overdose? Yes. From drug withdrawal? No. (Though as the system currently stands a drug withdrawal will make it easier for other things to push you into the OD range).