Is something broken with effects?

Im on Android version 0.c-32639-ga6637cd7fc. Ill try posting this in the android thread too if needed.
I was running around the outskirts of town the other day, and I ran into some zombies. After dispatching them and getting back to my evac shelter, I ate and drank and slept to heal up. Before I left my base, I tried disassemble some clothes for materials and kept failing cause my hands were shaking from alcohol withdrawal. I have no alcohol in my base.
So today I found a campsite in the woods. It started getting dark so I slept in a tent at the site. I couldnt sleep because I was too cold and, again, friggin withdrawals. After daylight came, I checked my info and its showing I have withdrawls, Im unhappy, Im chilly everywhere, and also it shows “painkillers (4)”. I neither have, nor did I take any kind of painkiller.
Does anyone have any idea whats going on? This game is hard enough without it giving me random effects that I cannot control.

What did you start as, what scenarios what charter have you taken any drug during your gameplay?
Having alcohol in the base would actually help with the withdrawals if you take some.

I started as a hobo in the standard evac shelter scenario. I have the deft and light footed traits. I havent taken any booze or drugs/painkillers. I know if I drink some booze it will help in the short term but it doesnt make sense that I would have alcohol withdrawals when I never drank. Unless hobo’s start out addicted to booze.
But even if hobo’s start out hooked on booze, why would I be showing the painkiller effect, because I DEFINATELY never took any painkillers in my game. Dont even have any.

Hobo does start addicted, it states it in the character select, you are a bum/hobo/homeless alcoholic/whatever you call it living on the streets seeking the next alcohol hit.
Your hobo got drunk during this apocalypse, when you saw the shit happening that happened, as a hobo(alcoholic) or most people, you would hit the bottle, hence the pain killers(liquor does that), so ya you are recovering from it, and yes you are addicted. Did you think the bonus character points at start were free, just for shits and giggles?

no I did not think anything was free for shits and giggles. I simply did not remember reading that part. I apologize for being new and having 8 million gigabytes of info thrown at me immediately upon starting and not being able to remember every single detail.
As for the painkiller effect, Im on day 3 before that effect ever showed itself under the effects list so I didnt equate it with any starting conditions. Besides from a logical standpoint going threw withdrawals does not give you an analgesic painkiller effect. Quite the opposite actually.
In any event thanks for explaining what was going on. Fun game. And I just might start grasping it sometime next year lol. Never seen game with so much depth…

Been a round a while here. I think I learn a few more things every time I read about the game while on the forum lol

The learning curb continues mate. Cheers!

Sorry my earlier response was a little hostile, dealing with others on here got me worked up.
If you get too cold you will also have a pain killer effect on you, due to being numb form cold, the hobo starts with very little clothing so that may be it.
Going through withdrawals (to my knowledge) will not give a painkiller effect, but drink any alcohol, will give it, even a beer.

Boom! Thats it then! Yes my guy was very cold so that must be the reason for the pain killer effect. Thanks for helping me to understand it all. Im sorry that I got shitty with you, I was frustrated with the game. Its so big and awesome but so little is explained and I cant even make it past day 3 lol. Honestly, I am just dumb-founded at the size and scope of it all. And for free? Wtf? How do major game companies get away with charging us $60 for games with 1/100th as much…

I learned something new as well.

As for why this can be so good and unsung? Marketing and the fact it is in constant flux with no end in sight, because it grows better.

Big companies want easy to manage money grab garbage with photo realism. This game won’t ever have that problem and the free part is or was from donations years ago. Not sure if that dried up yet or not but we don’t take up much space and the servers don’t take a hit to warrant shutting them off or changing download rules.

The young folks more oft than not also want instant gratification(no offense if you are young). So not being a Terminator is really off putting to many gamers these days.


Be sure to try this out if you want 3D. Free and with the TRX(Tronex) addons, it runs mostly stable:

Nah Im 40, so I still remember when games had moar scope and less graphics heh. Not that I dont enjoy nice looking graphics, but not at the expense of story and depth. Hell, I remember the original Deus Ex, the graphics were kinda meh even for when it released but my god what a game!
I played the original Stalker. I loved it but never finished it because it was a bug ridden mess. Is that Last Day mod stand alone, or do you need onw of the Stalker games underneath it?

Both Last Day and Anomaly are complete games unto their own.

So you go to either Last Day or Anomaly and grab the primary files. Unzip and play wherever you unzipped the files too. You can grab the bug fixes in the files page if anything was but unlikely as the team considers it mostly finished. The Addons section is…hang on I’ll make things a little easier brb.


Grab this for Last day. In the description on this page you will see the 2 links. for the core patch and the other for the english…unless you speak russian.

Then I will suggest getting these mods for purpose of stability:

For sanity and some logic:

This last one is a tricky thing. Download it. Instead of installing it. Do this. Find the file it the main games folder. The zip also has the file directory where the file is located. Open using WordPad or if you have it, NotePad++.

While open you will find a bunch of text. Find this a little downward:
ph_box0_center = 0.0, 0.92, 0.0
ph_box0_size = 0.35, 0.92, 0.35
ph_box1_center = 0.0, 0.67, 0.0
ph_box1_size = 0.35, 0.67, 0.35
ph_box2_center = 0.0, 0.22, 0.0
ph_box2_size = 0.35, 0.22, 0.35

Or…open the actor.LTX file in the core game and just match that column I provide over the one there. Copy mine here. Paste there. Purpose? It allows you to duck behind cover instead of getting your head shot off in game. The reason you have to copy paste manually is because after you add all those mods. The one last “Prone” mod may screw up the file. Where as adding those line manually will ensure whatever was there is going to remain + your addition.