Is it best to just go cold turkey? Or occasionally indulge yourself if the morale hit gets too high? Will you ever break the habit that way?

Right now, my character has alcohol & nicotine withdrawals. I don’t think you should become an alcoholic from being tipsy most of the day for one day. Literally I must have drank maybe 5 shots out of a whiskey bottle, that was enough to make him an addict. Not sure about nicotine, I haven’t ever smoked so I don’t personally know how addictive it is.

p.s. I didn’t pick addictive personality trait. Can’t imagine how it is like to play with a character with that trait.

It depends what you need to do :stuck_out_tongue: Like if you’re low on food or water then just take a hit or two so you can craft more than cold turkey. Basicly only take a hit when you absolutely need to craft other than that don’t fight just read or sleep and go told turkey untill you’re not addicted.

The combination of those two addictions is enough to prevent me from crafting or studying anything. I can’t make any new arrows for my longbow, but luckily I have a large stock of handgun ammo, so I guess I could go on a shooting rampage. An MP3 player also helps get you above the crafting limit.

Got an idea regarding this topic, why not add packs of Nicorette into the game?

Go on cold turkey for one drug at a time, so you don’t have the withdrawal effects of both at the same time.

Find some Prozac.