Any free bug tracking software we can use?

Might be easier for the devs, if there is a bug tracking software we can use on the web. anything free? might be easier for them if they can associate it with github change numbers (highly unlikely you usally have to pay for this stuff).

this way the devs can categorize the tickets into groups, prioritize, and give status (more for each other than us). this board has got to be a pain to read.

this is supposed to be a good one, but it doesnt integrate with github.

I think the problem would be that there are already a lot of bugs reported on this forum. Therefore, migrating those bug reports to a bug tracking software/platform would mean a lot of work. Having both available for reporting, the forum and the tracker, and having to maintain both of them at the same time may be even more time consuming.

That said, I know from some experience in the company I work in that “Redmine” ( works relatively well, is open source and has Git integration (although it’s not that easy to set up correctly).

Github has an integrated issue tracker, and we’re using the crap out of it. If you feel like making an account there and filing bugs in github, it’s really helpful, but if you aren’t up to that for whatever reason, reporting the bug here is fine too.