How to get your bug reports seen and fixed

There are a few good ways to get your bug reports seen, and hence, hopefully, fixed:

[size=18pt]Route one:[/size]

Register on github, and post your bug report directly as an issue to the issue tracker.

This is the absolute best way to make sure it gets seen and taken care of.

Before you post an issue, however, search to see if the bug has already been posted!

[size=18pt]Route two:[/size]

If you for some reason can’t register on github, post a new thread for your bug!

Nothing makes your bug less visible than posting it as a reply to an existing thread!

[size=18pt]Route three:[/size]

If neither of the above two options suit you, you can also email Kevin Granade at kevin.granade [at]

[size=18pt]For either route:[/size]

Make sure you provide ample detail about your problem! Especially important is giving the version you are using.
You can find it under the big bubble-text banner on the title screen and it looks like 0.4-951-g2290edd

Any other details you can muster are a bonus, and if at all possible, attach a save file exhibiting the issue. We recommend uploading your save to the cloud-host you generally use, and then including a link to the save in your report.

Screenshots are also very useful.

How to Report Bugs Effectively should also be a good read for anyone wanting to get their bugs resolved.