Animal Uplift/Genetic Engineering


So, what would happen if you gave that cat or labrador mutt thats been following you around a couple shots of Alpha Serum? Or some other mutagen? Why restrict mutation only to humans? We could re-engineer animals to be more useful, durable, lethal, or intelligent enough to follow orders.


That might be more dangerous for you in theory because if they become intelligent what’s to stop then from thinking your a bad person?
I mean it gets into moral things but also I think it might be rather tedious and difficult to build an entire tree for animals especially 2 different ones also they would have to be unique to said animal as they have completely unique biology hell it might straight up kill them genetic engineering in the real world is something that has little known downsides but might have HUGE downsides I mean we breed dogs to get poodles and pugs but they have so many genetic defects most of them die at a young age. Plus it would likely depend on the breed of dog.


I was actually thinking about duplicating the ones for humans to some extent.


Why stop with mutations? I’d like to load my pup up with CBMs.


Hell yeah. I like it.

or even better:


From a lore perspective it would make sense, but from a game perspective wouldn’t it require treating all animals as NPCs? Seems tricky.


I was thinking you could have all animals be like they are now, until you tame it, then it could be replaced by a NPC style model maybe?