Could you create your own monsters in the catalcysm?

So I was thinking: What would happen from a lore prespective if you where to use mutagens on a non-human creature or zombie.

This got me futher thinking. What are the ways you might te able to create your own monsters/crimes against nature besides turning yourself or your followers into a furries?

The three way I came up with where:

  1. Give mutagens/feed mutagenic food to living creatures. This could be used on captured animals to presumably make violently unstable mutants that you can than unleash upon your enemies (if they don’t eat you that is). Another option is to use mutagens on your pets. This probably results in them becoming violently feral if you mutate them too much or in you plowing through zombie hordes on top of a rhino sized chitin plated battle cow.

  2. Give mutagens to zombies. I don’t know what the effect of this would be but the results would be but it is fun to imagine.

  3. Go reinact Frankenstein. Make your own custem flesh golems from unpulped zombie corpses and add it some extra’s like replacing all of the skin with steel plates burned into the flesh. I don’t know why you would do this unless you have a way to make the zombie so violently unstable that it will attack even other zombies or you are a feral with enough intelligence left to figure out how to help you fellow zombies evolve.

Would any of the methods mentioned above be possible lore wise?

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The ideas are good, but there are a number of nuances.
1-portable creatures other than friendly ones are not possible. only a carrier for animals, and only small ones, the transport can only be used by the NPC and the player.
2-Zombies mutate all the time, if you want more types of zombies, I can recommend you a couple of mods.
3-same problem as in point 1, it’s much easier to make your NPC a monster companion.

at the moment, there are several types of creatures in the game that can be friendly:
3-blobs (In the lab, you can find a canister of slime, when you open it, a friendly slime will appear)
5-a large beetle, I do not remember the exact name, I remember that it infects the enemy with worms when attacking, which in a couple of days climb out, and then can grow into new beetles.

I remember reading that huge insects are the result of a blob, zombies are also the result of a blob, so it would be interesting to see how over time not only zombies mutate, but also other animals mutate

There are several animals you can tame beyond dogs.

A lore problem with using mutagens on animals is that they’ve been developed for use on humans, not animals, although there’s not anything lore wise that says animal experiments haven’t been performed too.

Some technical problems are that you’d have to code mutagen feeding interactions into the game, mutagen action onto various animals, as well as constructing mutation trees for each animal and mutagen path (which probably would be json only actions).

you could probably mod it in if you want

I believe you are referring to dermatiks, which give you insect parasites. When the condition finishes incubating in the nutrient rich recesses of your flesh, up to six larvae are spawned that each have a 33% chance to be friendly.

That’s a fine idea but it would be quite challenging to implement. Wish you the best in your abomination creation.