Giving animals mutations with their own or similar 'Sphere'

A suggestion to give wild critters mutations within their own branches or (a smaller chance of mutations within) a similar one.

As the zombies evolve because of ‘blob’, the wolves, the mooses, the ants, the wasps, are all stagnant. The player evolves, by getting better gear and better skills, and even with bionics and forced mutations of their own.

So, if wild animals slowly ‘evolved’ and fortified their own traits they would become better attackers, or withstand more attacks, or have their night vison improved, or become more aggressive, or even more amicible to other factions.

Maybe. An alternative would be establishing a greater variety of mutant animals, especially for the ones that lore implies would mutate instead of zombify, then establish upgrade parameters so that non-mutant variants eventually develop into mutants.

However, that doesn’t add more diversity. Adding mutant variants to animals that currently lack mutated variants does add diversity, but establishing a linear evolution doesn’t add to it. ;w;