Animal Discord: Mauled to death by bears

So, I took this one point trait thinking it wouldn’t matter.

All the animals are making a beeline towards me, intent on my blood. What did I do to them?! Why is perpetual attack by animals worth only one point?!

I finally find a farm, to hole up in, to grow crops, but these awful animals are intent on disemboweling me at every turn.

Hell, they will mindlessly cross barbed wire, again and again just to attack me. The zombies have been friendlier.

This trait summoned a homing bear which is waiting outside the flimsy barn I’m currently shacked up in.

Why is this trait only worth one point? I should have picked asthma.

they’re not animals, they’re PETA in disguise :smiley:

Pretty confident that the bears just maul you. It’s worth a point because Animal Empathy costs a point, I’d imagine.

The few animals that do come to your aid with animal empathy are only worth one point.

The constant swarm of them that attack you with animal discord are worth like atleast two or three.

Because that trait spawns bears. Lots and lots of them with coyote friends.

Would you say the situation is…unbearable?

This is like Animal Farm, if someone was crazy enough to farm bears, cougars, and wild dogs and fed them nothing but methamphetamines.

I would leave the farm, but the bear is very insistent that I do not. There is barbed wire keeping me safe, but I wonder… Is the barbed wire a prison, and the animals the guards?

Should have taken one less point in intelligence. It would have been smarter.

It does not in fact spawn any additional animals, it just makes them hostile. (just checked)
I’m not going to make any statements about its balance though, it may well deserve another point or two.

Oh my god.

I just spit tea everywhere.

I could see it being worth an extra point.

Has anybody else had experiences like this?

Moose attacked me constantly when i chose it, thought that may just be because they are moose.

Yes, moose will attack you constantly even with Animal Empathy.

1 point for constant bear assault is bearly reasonable.

Oh god, why am I laughing so hard I shouldn’t be laughing so hard. But yeah, I could definitely see this getting bumped up a few points.

Really? I find these bear puns bearly funny.

That’s to be expected, I was hardly bruin my A-game.

two or more points

Early on its difficult to contend with the onslaught but after just a single day of training its a food magnet.

Empathy is worthless, the converse is too useful (as a negative)

Well, it’s not like regular wildlife is rare anyway. In the short term it’s painful, in the long term it’s slightly useful, and in the longer term, once you build up enough of a stockpile of non-rotting food that you don’t have to keep hunting wildlife daily, it becomes annoying when you just want to hole up but bears keep tearing through the walls.

Moose only attack you if you go close to them without Animal discord.

Add a point or two to Animal Discord is my suggestion.

Okay, I’ll add a point to its value for the inconvenience of being stalked by moose with hostile intent.