Animal empathy- Moose still attack me, why?

do they ignore that trait or is it random?
It was the only reason I took it because I kept on starting in a forest.

You see a moose.
If it turned hostile, don’t run and fight back.

The trait only works on normal animals.
But moose are denizens of hell!

On a more serious note:

The trait makes animals less agressive … less likely to attack you or flee from you(those that would when you move to close like squirrels)

Its no animals will never attack you trait just a higher chance to be ignored.

Ok, that’s what I suspected.

Animal empathy is bad, don’t take it. Take animal discord and just treat every animal as a zombie that flees.

Moose dun care, moose getting laid

HAHA, Caconym. That is great!

Because, with most of the human population now mindless shambling corpses, moose can finally engage in their greatest pleasure: Surprise buttsex. While they do not NEED the tears of survivors to live, they are considered a delicacy in moose culture.

While you took the empathy trait, the moose didn’t.
It felt nothing except sick pleasure.

Just get a knife and STAB the moose until it fucks off. You might acquire permanent life threatening injuries whilst doing so, though.