What kills you the most?

Three things kill me the most.

  1. Since I’m trying to beat the Tweaker profession. Withdrawal kills me most. Technically, whatever eats me when I start seizing in my own vomit does. But, yeah, withdrawal.

  2. Quit: I do it if I somehow get a magical character born into the best case scenario apocalypse ever. If I can’t track down a challenge soon enough I just Q.

  3. Moose. Fuck you moose.
    I’ve been making a damned PBJ and a moose has approached and slaughtered me.
    I’ve woken up in my makeshift car fort with a moose tracking me.
    I’ve been running from a hoard when I ran into a moose. I took my chances with the hoard.
    An NPC attacked a moose with a pointed stick. The moose killed him and two others. He glared at me, wondering how much blood I could loose. I took my chances with the hoard.

If they make a Zoose they sure as hell better make it optional. Those things are evil.

There are already Zoose. I go Mad Max on their asses and bring a sawn-off.

Wildlife and bleeding are my two biggest culprits. Usually they come together.

My own stupidity, usually.
Clumsy use of explosives (activate a grenade, then throw the other grenade… D’oh), picking up or dropping giant piles of things near enemies, wielding the wrong weapon and trying to beat a hulk to death with an empty can, drinking the wrong things, using the wrong hotkey to repeat a particular command and smoking up a pile of drugs and painkillers at the same time (instead of eating a pile of bones to power my Metabolic Interchange), etcetera.

When it comes to enemy action I’d have to say that, indirectly, welding things kills me the most, when you spend ~160 hours a week building a vehicle you should make absolutely certain you aren’t wearing ear plugs or goggles, or else you may not notice the zombear or zoose spending an hour (or several) ripping its way through your heavily armored vehicle chassis.



Shocker zombies and cop bots attacking me while I sleep.

Turrets, If you don’t have 9001 protection with 100% coverage everywhere, they will ruin your chars day.

Either my stupidity or my impatence get me killed. To be specific, I tend to get into more fights than I can handle, thinking everything will turn out just fine and then get mangled by a brute (ha! I didn’t even survive until the hulk.)

And hordes. And the new ultra electric zombies.

What’s everyone’s problem with moose?
I just use a Wood Spear. Block and Rapid Strike.

My most recent killer was a window.

… yeah?

So a combination of taking stupid chances and an overly agressive play style is what kills me the most. Interestingly, I have never actually fought moose without me being the one to initiate combat

shocker zombies are all that can really kill me


I normally find a group of dead scientists and labs close to each other, so mutations technically kill me…

Either the RNG dropping something super nasty right outside the starting shelter (jabberwock, day 1, hour 1, mihgo and a gracken on some sci corpses right at the door, hulk right infront of me on the first street all happened in my last half dozen games) or having to try and cauterize infected wounds half a dozen times and ending up with 50 speed towards the end of day 1. If I can get to day 3, pretty much the only thing that can kill one of my chars is boredom.

Those fucking worms always kill me. Likely dude to them being next to me and me throwing a molotov.

Toilet water is the scrouge of my life.

I’m surprised I don’t drown in my own puke.

Generally, one of the following:

-Wielding the wrong thing. Oh look! Moose! Meeeeat!

canbam canbam canbam skullcrush

-Misuse of explosives. Oooh! Rocket launcher! Oh god, a zombie two inches away from me! BOOOOOOOOOM
Ooh, explosive ammo. Time to use it in close range! (I thought they just did extra damage, not that they made REAL FRICKIN’ TINY EXPLOSIONS)

-If I’m messing around nuking things with level 1000000 melee in debug, generally overdosing on drugs or healing crap kills me. Then I found out how much a first aid kit goes with 100 first aid skill. Friggin’ BAND-AIDS work like a charm with that skill.

-I’ve never starved, but I’ve (figuratively) barfed my organs out eating too much. That leads to a completely nuts food-search which leads to Death #1 (see above).

always something similar to this

[quote=“Keyreper, post:641, topic:339”]is it just me or was the jabberwock spawn rate brought back to normal, it kinda makes me happy but then again they seem to have been buffed, being able to resist lava and fire … and what happened to fire being OP!
[size=4pt]and this time it happened before the night started :([/size]

[spoiler]In memory of: Garrett Huston
"again? fire you fail me once more!"

He was an unemployed male when the apocalypse began.
He died on Spring of year 1, day 1, at 5:10:48 PM.
He was killed in a forest in the wilderness.

Cash on hand: $0

Final HP:
Head: 0/96
Torso: 35/96
L Arm: 96/96
R Arm: 96/96
L Leg: 96/96
R Leg: 94/96

Final Stats:
Str 11 Dex 11 Int 11 Per 11
Base Stats:
Str 12 Dex 12 Int 12 Per 12

Final Messages:
5:10:48 PM Something hits your head.
5:10:48 PM You whack the jabberwock for 6 damage.
5:10:42 PM The jabberwock hits your head.
5:10:42 PM The jabberwock hits your eyes.
5:10:42 PM You’re blinded!
5:10:36 PM You’re knocked to the floor!
5:10:36 PM Your left leg is battered for 5 damage!
5:10:36 PM The jabberwock swings a massive claw at you!
5:10:36 PM You hit the jabberwock but do no damage.
5:10:30 PM The jabberwock hits your torso.
5:10:30 PM Your torn t shirt (fits) is ripped!
5:10:30 PM The jabberwock hits your torso.
5:10:30 PM Your ripped t shirt (fits) is ripped further!
5:10:30 PM You whack the jabberwock for 5 damage.
5:10:24 PM The jabberwock hits your torso.
5:10:24 PM Your t shirt (fits) is ripped!
5:10:24 PM Your cracked rain coat is ripped!
5:10:18 PM The jabberwock hits your torso.
5:10:18 PM Your cut rain coat is dented!
5:10:18 PM You whack the jabberwock for 10 damage. Critical!

d - dog x2
Z - zombie x7
Z - fat zombie x2
Total kills: 11

bartering: 0 (0%)
computers: 0 (0%)
construction: 0 (0%)
cooking: 0 (0%)
driving: 0 (0%)
electronics: 0 (0%)
fabrication: 2 (0%)
first aid: 0 (0%)
mechanics: 0 (0%)
speaking: 0 (0%)
survival: 1 (62%)
swimming: 0 (0%)
tailoring: 0 (0%)
trapping: 0 (0%)
archery: 0 (0%)
bashing weapons: 1 (86%)
cutting weapons: 0 (0%)
dodging: 0 (17%)
marksmanship: 0 (0%)
launchers: 0 (0%)
melee: 2 (7%)
piercing weapons: 0 (0%)
throwing: 0 (0%)
unarmed combat: 0 (0%)
handguns: 0 (0%)
rifles: 0 (0%)
shotguns: 0 (0%)
submachine guns: 0 (0%)

Addictive Personality
Robust Genetics
Trigger Happy
Truth Teller

Ongoing Effects:
Pain (24)
No bionics were installed.
Power: 0/0

e - marked makeshift crowbar

a - boxer shorts (fits)
b - jeans (fits)
c - shredded t shirt (fits)
d - sneakers (fits)
i - knit hat
r - neoprene arm sleeves (fits)
t - shattered rain coat

k - loose caltrops [2]
q - cash card (52201)
g - matchbook (19)
w - pocket knife
y - apple
o - blueberries
z - strawberries
f - plastic bottle of clean water (1)
j - Adderall (10)
h - thread (50)

Lifetime Stats
Distance Walked: 2426 Squares
Damage Taken: 111 Damage
Damage Healed: 0 Damage
Headshots: 0

Game History
| Year 1, Spring 1, 8:00:00 AM | evac shelter | Garrett Huston began their journey into the Cataclysm.
| Year 1, Spring 1, 5:10:48 PM | forest | Garrett Huston was killed.

Also Zooses and Zolfs (cant remember the exact name)

Seriously, there are Zooses? Damn…

I expect I’ll deal with them the same way I do when I spawn by a Hulk.
Runs into building. Lights building on fire x10. Flees to next town.