Android Version


Yeah you can play landscape or portrait - just set the terminal size to something appropriate for the screen size.

The screen distortion when you bring up the keyboard can be turned off - I just added it so you could see what you’re typing during text input (character name, world name etc). Look under Options > Android > Virtual keyboard screen scale. I could make it so it scales down the screen preserving the aspect ratio (with black bars on either side), that might be a bit nicer perhaps?


We seriously need that kind of dedication on the iOS platform. That port has been abandoned and it saddens me greatly. See if you can do something about that when you’ve got some time to spare? Pretty please with sugar on top???

Good job on the port though, looks good from what I see in this thread (I have an iPhone). I’m sure your work has been highly appreciated!


Only if optional, coz i playing with my trasparent keyboard, its very comfortable and every hotkey close at hand.


Turning my phone does nothing


Is screen lock on? :slight_smile: It should work in portrait or landscape just by rotating the screen, it has worked on every Android device I’ve tested on so far.


For anyone experiencing the garbled text bug, I’ve found a fix (or at least a workaround). Turns out it’s an SDL hardware acceleration bug that only presents on certain Android devices. I’ll roll out the workaround in the next update, but if you’re desperate to start playing now, you can either delete the gfx folder (/sdcard/Android/data/com.MichaelDavies.CataclysmDDA/files/gfx) and just play in ascii, or you can enable software rendering and it’ll work. To turn on software rendering outside of the game, create a file options.json here:


And put this inside it:
“info” : “Use software renderer instead of graphics card acceleration.”,
“default” : “Default: False”,
“value” : “true”

One caveat I’ve discovered with the software renderer is that you can’t rotate the screen once the game starts or the screen goes blank. This appears to be another SDL Android-specific bug (awesome!) but I’m going to see if I can at least fix that for the next release, or failing that simply lock the screen to landscape so it’s not an issue. I think 99% of people would be playing in landscape anyway given the UI layout of the game.


Yeah you right. That did it thanks mang!

In testing I’ve noticed driving is pretty choppy (understandably so) and the animated hit notifications seem to be way off to the side of the screen so only about half shows up.


I as well play in landscape mode, so would prefer if we have a way to have the game locked in landscape, right now I need to keep auto rotate on and then lock it (I seem to have a difficult relationship with auto rotate, it always keeps shifting my screen when I don’t want it to). I wonder if people playing on tablets prefer portrait and to keep the keyboard below?

Probably safest route could be to add an option in the android settings like Screen Orientation: Portrait / Landscape / Auto Rotate. This way you have the flexibility to do any of the options.


An unexpected bump in the road - Google have just suspended the Google Play app on grounds of “impersonation”. I’ve filed an appeal and pointed them to this thread (and the existing unofficial iOS release) as evidence of approval from the game creators. Hopefully gets resolved in the next day or so.


Wtf? Let me know if there’s anything I can contribute to the process.


Everything seems to be given a red hue , washing the whole screen. Means red text is hard to read. tried to take a screenshot but each time I do the picture makes it look normal.
Also had the weird text bug but your fix worked.


Hey, I applied the software rendering fix as you said so, but now when I open the game it closes instantly. Any idea why? Thanks in advance, you seem to be trying very hard for this to work :slight_smile:


Kevin: Thanks, I’m hoping the existence of this thread and my correspondence with you guys (the developers) counts as your written approval of my rights to release the game on Android, but if there’s further issues I’ll ping you and we can straighten it out with them over email. I’m sure it’ll be resolved shortly though, it seems fairly straight-forward so I assume it was just an overcautious suspension on their part.

jipopotamus: Ahh interesting, I’m guessing it looks like this kind of thing?
If so I’ll submit a known fix for it in the next build, it’s apparently an SDL2 bug on Android with certain devices. Don’t hesitate to ping me if it’s still happening after that and we can look into it further.

frankokoro: Hmm ok I guess that options.json hack didn’t work, sorry! :slight_smile: You can try copying an options.json file with software rendering enabled from a desktop build perhaps?


Yes, it seems like that is the same kind of problem! I’m glad there is a known fix because its so good to have an android port!
Thanks for all the hard work!!


A1studmuffin, This android version is fantastic!

I’m playng it on Samsung Tab S2 and so far I haven’t experienced any serious problems. I did experience the garbled text issue that was mentioned (although this issue sounds different as it occured over time) when viewing some stats of a car, but I noticed some time later that after restarting the app the text was readable again.
If I see that again I’ll make a note of exactly what was garbled.

Are NPCs available on this release? I activated them in the options(Static and random) but didn’t see any yet and have travelled to a couple of cities


I can confirm in getting NPCs both random (random one appearing in an older save from PC that i now continued in the android version) and static with a new start.

It’s actually easy to test, start a world in which you enable them, start as evacuee and I always find one directly next to me in the evac.


Yeah NPCs should be working. The only changes I’ve made to the game are the user interface and code additions necessary to get it to run on Android. It’s possible I’ve missed something though that’s quietly failing, so definitely keep reporting stuff like this even if you’re not 100% sure, it’s usually quick to check.

Good news RE: the Google Play suspension too, they got back to me and have revived the app. As a bonus they also looked at the content rating and decided the 18+ rating was probably too harsh for the game, so they’ve asked me to resubmit again for a lower rating. Hopefully this means it will be available in Australia, fingers crossed.


[quote=“s20dan, post:55, topic:13348”].

Are NPCs available on this release? I activated them in the options(Static and random) but didn’t see any yet and have travelled to a couple of cities[/quote]

You should check options in-game. There’s a bug, when spawn modificators droping to the default value after game starts. I’ve played with 1 in item and zombie spawn modificators very long, until i noticed that crap.
Fixing is pretty easy: go to the save folder, change the values and put a only-reading flag after.


Can’t understand, what exactly should I do to remove keyboard shortcut? Some sort of touch gesture, I suppose


The port is amazing! I just wanted to congratulate you. Man, this is great. If i could i would donate to you, but currently can’t! Anyways, have a drink and imagine i paid for it. You deserve it!