Android Version


Thank you very much bro:D


I found an item named .223 full auto receiver, what it used for?


@Azure_Soul_Azur what tablet/phone do you use? Also what build of the game are you using?


A shity RCA viking pro.
Atm android version 8230.

@Delts It’s a gunmod.


Thanks for the reply, where do you get the newer builds BTW?

I asked because I’m looking into buying a tablet or phablet.


Make aure whatever device you get has good RAM.
Low RAM like mine means no soundpack and can’t use MSX++LIVE/MSX++DEAD tilesets.


I cant attach it to my gun…btw i cant use soundpack too…my ram is 3,its not enough?


What pack are you trying to use?
And does it show up in the list ingame?
If not where are you trying to put it?

And my RAM is not even 1GB.
3GB is more then enough.
so your problem is something else.

Also it is a gunmod for the guns that use .223 it turns it into a full auto gun IIRC.


Well i’m a derp.

It’s not a gunmod it’s for making a gun.


Yep, i thought its for change semi auto gun into full auto


If anyone is still having trouble with the joystick glitching out, I found that turning off “Virtual joystick follows finger” in the options, fixes it or at least for me.


Omg it work u r the real MVP​:sob::sparkling_heart:


Bro,is there any soundpack and tileset for android? Can you send me the link please…:smile:


Any tileset or soundpack on pc can be used on Android. A bunch of tilesets should have come with your version and can be selected in the options, in the “Graphics” section, and with “Choose tileset”. A good soundpack can be found here, CDDA Soundpack. You will need to unzip it and move it to “sound” in your “com.cleverraven.cataclysmdda” folder and activate it in your options, the same can be done with new tilesets, but they go in “gfx”.


anyone know why it crashes upon starting up? it wont let me play at all


Did you get an option to turn on Software Rendering when starting up? That needs to be off or the game will keep crashing.


When i go move the file com.cleverraven.cataclysmdda dont come up


Thank you very much:)


Nevermind i found it n i did it and it work thx u


The tilesett working bro but the sound did not working…i place it on what you say to me i enabled it on setting set volume on 150 and still nothing…did i miss any step?