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Did you put the file “CDDA-Soundpack-Master” in sound? If so there should be a second file labled just “CDDA-Soundpack” inside of it. Put that file in sound by itself, enable it, and make sure to restart the game.


Place it in


You might have put the soundpack in the
files>sound(empty folder)

Anyways, there should also be a Basic Soundpack in the folder.


Build 8243 screen freezes when swiping down from the top to change brightness


This is almost certainly due to the software renderer setting, try toggling it and restarting the app.


Hello. I just started to play Android version and I love it, finally I understood how to play this game and how not to die in my first day. I wanted to ask about updates. Are they being released in the same time as PC version? I just encountered a bug with game crashig when I try to fire my guns and another bug is that NPCs are not attackin me when the are hostile. I saw some updates for PC with that are fixing this, so when can I expect those fixes for Android?
P.S. Sorry for my english


As far as i know the release time is same with the computer version? About npc didnt attack while hostile,is being fixed by mlangsdorf


For new versions.


Android is usually around 20 builds behind PC, from what I notice.


Thanks everyone for replies! I’ll be waiting for updates then.
Another last question - is there any site or something where I can see what exactly has been changed in those updates? For example, I want to see “Version 8247 - Fixed bugs, added things” and so on.
And thanks again.



Same site just press changes and scroll down.


Untrue that is only in number.

If you check the logs it is the same updates as newest build for PC.


Ah ok, it just seemed like it would be behind to me.



that’s a high-tech phone right? heard note 5 has great processor and RAM size.


what happen when someone play Cataclysm Android and too lazy/forget to charge the phone?

Cataclysm : Low Battery Ahead.

EDIT : based on me during testing this game on ASUS phone, was on 15% battery during testing.


Hello, is there a fix to the computer console in the “Evac Shelter” on the third option. The “Contact Us” option? It seems to have crashed my game when i clicked on it…


My game keep crashing after update to the newest version…any clue?


It would help to give some details on when crash occurs.


Sorry for late reply…the crash has been solved i reinstall my game…


So…i just found remote control cbm and i try to use it on robotic taxi but i expecting when i control the taxi,im going into taxi perspective but the reality is perspective is on my character…(im sorry about my bad explanation,im not really good on english)


Someone else is having lag in the latest updates, already tried software mode I have a galaxy s5 snap 820, 2gb ram, and xiaomi mi a1 snap 625, 4gb ram, in both the fps is no more than 28, could optimize the last versions of the game