Android Version


any chance we’ll see an auto updating nightly build?


Good question. I think we have 3 options for this:

  1. Google Play
  2. Fdroid
  3. Roll our own update system

1 would be the most user friendly and get the most exposure for the game, but there’s no way the player can manage updates themselves if they like a specific version or have issues with a newer version. Also the app would be banned in some countries (Australia) due to “realistic” drug usage. We’d also need to set up an official CDDA Google Play account, and there is some cost and secrecy involved in that (passwords, certificates) that may go against the spirit of the project.

2 is probably the best fit. Fdroid allows management of versions by the user, and supports auto updates. I’m pretty sure the project would meet the requirements for their definitions of open source software.

3 seems like unnecessary work.

So maybe 2? Personally I tend to preserve characters in the same version, and when they die I’ll update to a newer version. I tried migrating an old character from my Google Play build to the newest one, and it mostly works but a lot of stuff broke, enough that it put me off wanting to do it again.


2 sounds like the best option


I’m all for F-Droid, it’s probably my favorite thing on android.


Just found this! Wow, man, this is a dream come true! Fantastic work, truly. I haven’t stopped in hours, haha. A+


so bro…i want remove the 6L engine and change it into 12L engine the problem is i cant see the additional tool on the right…how to scroll it down?


Lol I need to know this too


I believe that would be the “>” “<” keys you can see them more on the left of the bar


I already try it…do nothing when i touch


I increased my terminal width and height(slightly) for that problem


I had a similar problem with the character sheet. I can’t scroll the hidden parts at the bottom.


You have to press tab


Really?? Where i can find it?


Still cant see the additional tool lol


You need to go the options and into tab that is associated with the graphics options, you can see there “terminal height and width”, I use ascii graphics so the graphic wont look weird, might look different for tiles though.


Just tested without a keyboard and “< >” Works fine

As for screen resolution(terminal height and width) was going to say something about that but C4L beat me to it. You might want to look up the screen resolution pixels for your device but you can set it however you want. Here’s what i got set


My phone screen resolution is 720x1280 pixel is it affect the game?because i see your screenshot that you have huge sidebar


Yes it does. Alot of menus are not made for such low res so uping the res to maybe just under to right on the mark for your phones res can be a great boon.


Owh…btw can you please send screenshot that additional requirement on removing 6L engine?? If you cant, thats okay.


Should be about the same for most engines i believe.

Just make sure you removed any parts that are attached to it.