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The joystick problem still in the game?


Yep, we need to test and generate a new version of using a newer version of SDL that fixes the joystick issue. I haven’t had time to look at it yet. Upgrading SDL is always scary as there are so many device-specific hardware issues on Android that it’s kinda impossible to really say for sure if it’s running reliably, the best we can do is test on all the devices we have amongst the Android devs.


If you guys need help, be sure to message me. I have android development experience if thats helpful lol


Hey, has anyone else noticed really long load times as they get well into exploring? I’m getting near three minutes just to load a saved game.


Game freezes on startup (black screen). Phone Samsung Galaxy S3 Android 4.3. Why this can happen ? Play Store old version work fine.


Have you tried disabling software rendering on the launch screen when you install it? You can clear app data to see it again.


newer versions have map memory, map memory uses more RAM, your device is quite old and likely has too little RAM.


Yes I’m guessing that map memory is involved. But it’s a Galaxy S8 with 4G RAM, and system / apps are only using about 2G.


App not progress to that screen, where you can choose titles/soft rendering options. It seems app not create foldier com.cleverraven.cataclysmdda, not extract anything to it. Build from that link can progress to Z logo, with same freeze after.
Device have 1.35 GB RAM total. So maybe it’s a memory problem indeed.


Update: game installed and run fine. Just took about 20-30 minutes on black screen and then started “intstall data files”


Thanks for being so persistent.
I also waited patiently and it eventually started to install and ran well apart from the virtual joystick issue others have mentioned.


Glad to hear there is hope for a fix eventually :slight_smile:
The virtual joystick moves in random directions often enough to get your character killed pretty frequently.
Amazing port of an awesome game otherwise though, please keep up the great work!


Do anyone know the last update before the joystick problem i cant find it n would like to download it so i can play the game


Is there a way to reset shortcuts at the bottom of the screen? Stuff like “e” and “c” arent showimg up automatically any more.


I upgraded yesterday to 0.c-8101. Ever since, from the time I start making a character, to when Im running around the game world, the game will kinda like flicker like it alt-tabbed, and show a screen with a big Z on it for a few seconds, and the flicker back to where it left off.
Is anyone else having this issue or know whats causing it? Its making the game un-playable for me.


Ehnuhc posted a fixed version back on September 21st.
That one solves the joystick bug, both on my nexus 7 tablet and nexus 5 phone.

I hope the updated SDL they mention makes its way into the main branch soon so we can play the latest version of Cataclysm.


It says the file is trashed


oh, that was the message i got when i tried to download directly from my Android device. For some reason that link doesnt let you download to the device but forces you to save it to your google drive which then trashes the file when it doesnt know what to do with it.
Instead I just downloaded that .apk from my computer and uploaded it to my google drive then download it from there on my tablet/phone… Could just copy it over via usb as well :slight_smile:


Ok thxs ig im just try doing that hopefully i do it right


Bro, i download the latest apk but when i install and run the game, game stuck on “Z” logo screen how i fix this?