Android Version


You can downgrade to older version from obsolete subfolder in Dropbox.


@Zhilkin,Android version crashed when I try to get some item which contains human flesh.It happens between #8007 and #8016.
PS:Maybe some changes about time format in #8013 caused it I guess.


crash.log catch by adb tools about time format crash in version #8023.Maybe some changes in #8013 about calendar.cpp caused it.When I downgrade the *.cpp,it works well.


Thanks for the report. What language are you using? Chinese?


Chinese.Is that an i18n error?


I am not sure yet, but it is possible. I cannot find mentioned format string in the source, so it is possible there is invalid format string in translations.


Is that Requested argument 1 but input has only 1 at: "%s%d|日"?


Yeah. That one string.


Is the android version still being updated at the above link?


Android builds are temporary provided in Dropbox folder:

Builds are not automated, but they are provided almost each day manually.


On that note, @a1studmuffin and I just pulled the trigger on the automated builds at, which is deploying at – 8039 should be done being built soon (it’s been building for 12 minutes as of this message).


I dont know if it is a problem with the recent build but, since 2 weeks ago I couldn’t make Hair+ mod work. The Male characters have working hairs, however the female ones don’t as they appear bald. I heard it was something introduced in the experimentals that made the female overlays dont work. Here is the link for reference.


That should’ve been fixed.


Y the new updates have the joystick acting up its
kinda unplayable😢


Is the joystick sometimes getting stuck in the top left corner of the screen? If so that’s an SDL 2.0.8 Android bug, we’ll need to update to a newer SDL version that fixes it (or patch it in our custom SDL fork). I see they’ve done a prerelease of 2.0.9, I might give that a go and see how it plays on a few devices.


Yea it also make me go the wrong way which got me killed in a game lol.hope it get fix soon


Yeah that’s not ideal, hope you savescummed! :slight_smile: .Ok, I’ll make that the next thing I look at.


Yep, top left corner for the joystick glitch, exactly.

Has anyone ever had a recipe just disappear part way through a game?

I have a nice lab start going, and now suddenly “cooked meat” is nowhere to be found… :roll_eyes:


If u hit s it will hide the recipe and I don’t know how to bring it back


Ha, you’re a genius - exactly what happened.

Turns out you can do a search using "f"ind, with “h:yes”. It listed all the recipes I had accidentally hidden. Hitting s on them restored them all.

Thank you!