Android Version


Ah yes most of the time some mods just crash the app while opening it with no errors. I just remove mods that i added one by one to find the culprit then use the ones working. cough PK_REBALANCE cough :):stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Peace!


Can u link the version that worked then?


If you are asking about the CDDA Android version:
If you want the KawaiiMod version I Used, check the github, as Im using the Latest (Althought with the commented line fixed.)


Thxs i used the link but it seems like stat through skills dont work n the new Base stuff say debug (ig i cant make the new base things)on the list of stuff u can make other than that it works fine


Hey anyone know how to put a sound pack on the game without using a pc n just ur phone


ANDROID/CDDA FOLDER/FILES/DATA/SOUND then paste, activate in option menu.


Where is the best place to read about updates and changes to the Android version?


Android version found in Dropbox folder several comments above is the same as PC version. Unfortunately we didn’t setup automatic changelog generation process yet, but you can use


Im sorry, but is the potrait rotation feature w.i.p? In the github version? I cant seem to auto rotate


We disabled it as it was causing crashes with the software renderer. Do you play in portrait normally? May I ask what device?


I download the apk, but it gets stuck at the Z screen and nothing else, I can’t find any files for it wherever I look


The game usually needs to “install” its files, and it may take a long time. Open the game and leave it there, after a while it should start installing files.


Yeah, I did that, but now it crashes on the trait selection screen


The lastest version will crash when you create a new character and to select ‘TRAITS’.
About this screen,

the crash first appears in #7972 or later,between #7972 and #7983(#7971 not crashed in traits selection,but #7983 does.)
I look through all change log beween #7972 and #7979,found that #7979 has some changes in newcharacter.cpp.Might it cause the crash?


@a1studmuffin,This is a part of crash log logged with adb logcat,would you mind having a look at it for traits selection crash?


I have pretty much the same joystick problem, FYI, on a Galaxy S8 running Android 8.0.0. Also works fine on the Google Play version. Just pulled the current apk from the dropbox and checked it.

There’s also a little glitch that the keyboard screen doesn’t automatically open when I’m in map mode and I select N to make a note. Makes it a lot slower to do it manually every time. It does auto-open in other contexts.

Thanks for all the work on this. Yikes my lab escape is a whole new bucket of mutated fish these days…


A further note on the interface, when entering text the joystick is not moving the cursor as it does in the Google Play version. So for example when editing a map note I’m forced to use my keyboard interface to delete everything back to the edit point and rewrite from there.


Try #8000 - should be no crashes on traits selection.


yeah,in #8001 already fixed.


For some reason in the past few builds, crafting, sleeping, and picking up/organizing items have been extremely slow. And now its to the point to where after waiting 10-15 minutes for sleep to finish, the game freezes when it’s time to wake up. I think this may be a bug.