Android Version


So its okay to say things like i found a bug ,YES :slight_smile:
(Now ill just have to wait for my real internet so i can download it)

I was very happy when it got updated after 6 months when it wasnt yet updated on the playstore so (i dont know the answer)


There is no crashes/bugs when i played your version

Also wulfe did say on the reddit that he’ll still update the game for every 2 to 3 weeks depending on how stable it is so you dont need to update it anymore if you dont want to


The new android version fixes the crashing broblam and adds new features like npc traits it adds one bug: when you start the game and it loads up you have to click on screen for the menu to appear but I could interact whit it whit out it appearing once, also there’s this bug that you can’t erase stuff when you enter it into the filters, and a bug when you die and quit a free run it saves by forced stop, it let’s me load it up but…


Heyy, so Australians such as myself cannot obtain access to the official play store Cataclysm DDA Port, so I’m wondering if there could perhaps be an updated mirror to this?

I feel as if the android additions really should be added to the mainline branch as an optional compile flag, there are windows/x86 tablets with touch screens as well which would benefit from it in PC builds as an option anyway.

Anyway, any updates are definitely appreciated!
I appreciate the hard work of developers here, and android is certainly a more popular platform than 32 bit windows these days and would likely attract more attention and thus developers to this project if it were accessible to those in my country and others, if any that have decided to ban the google play port.

I think the interest and demand here is highly underestimated!
I see a lot of screenshots and posts around the net, on discord, reddit, ect, of people playing the android port!

I think it feels more accessible to newcomers.


Somebody update to newest build. PLZ


The official port’s dev, the one with the play store build was involved in a house fire afaik, so we won’t be seeing anything new for a while unless it’s @ejseto 's build


So following on from ejseto’s fork I had a go at compiling the Android version using a very recent experimental (think it was the 26th of April). I’m very much a novice at all this so not sure how stable this build will be (YMMV).

I’ve played for 30 minutes and didn’t experience anything out of the ordinary so hopefully it’s ok. Similar to ejseto’s build it’s signed with a debug key so you’ll most likely have to uninstall your existing version if you wish to try this one. I would suggest that you backup your save folder if you don’t want to lose your current progress.

I compiled this for my own use but felt that I should share it with the community. Please don’t ask me to fix it if something is broken - I don’t have the expertise nor the time.



I am native German and feel this project has reached a kindling point now.

I would love to give the German translation a workover. But for that to efficiently work I would need changes on the translation strings to be reflected in the Android App.

No idea whether it would be able to merge changes in the codebase into your app on a steady basis.

Perhaps you could share that process with someone more knowledgeble than me? So the community could pick up on this Android port when you dont find the time.

To come back to the Initial point, did you also pull the translation strings into your build? Probably not, but if that could be accomplished and the process shared, this game could be the hype of the next decade or so.

Just my five cents…


Sorry, unfortunately it would seem that Localization is not working in this build.


The interface can be changed to German just fine, and back.

Since the strings are looking weird on screen while playing, an inquiry was made to make possible an update of the App once the language strings have been given an update.

And best would be, on the fly.
I understand that this part is too much of a project to handle just as a Hobby. Thats why still him sharing the skill to do what he did would be so important.

Lets see what response comes from Mike, in one way or the other.


I wanted a new version with the added tweaks to gun accuracy so I’ve added a slightly updated build for anyone that’s interested. Had to make a few small changes to get it to compile so hopefully I haven’t broken anything. Also please note that I’ve made a few small tweaks to the game that suit myself :wink:

  • The game now runs in immersive mode and will auto-hide the Android soft navigation keys (back, home & recents). I’m playing on a Pixel 2 and the screen is small enough as it is so every little bit counts!
  • To compensate for the lack of back button always showing to display the keyboard I have now commandeered the two finger swipe up and two finger swipe down shortcuts. I have hard coded these to display the keyboard when you swipe up with two fingers and hide it when you swipe down with two fingers. If the keyboard is not showing a two finger swipe down will hide the shortcut bar at the bottom (two finger swipe up again to get it back).
  • The apk is now a bit larger as I included the chesthole soundpack by default (I was sick of downloading over and over again everytime).

I find personally that this is a great improvement and a much more fluid way of hiding/showing keyboard and shortcuts. I’m sorry if these changes don’t suit everyone but I like them :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I you do wish to give it a go it’s the same deal as last time. Backup your save and config folders, uninstall the old version and install this new version.



All translation are based on Transifex, if you want to see the effect of the changed string, you need to compiled the .po downloaded from Transifex into an .mo file and replace it with your lang\mo<your_locale>\LC_MESSAGES\


Can anyone update the build to the latest version?


I really don’t see why this hasn’t been pulled into the base game, all of the android specific features as far as I’m aware do not interfere with the base game, and I’d estimate half of our player base is on mobile and it’d be a great way to encourage more developers to joint in.


I wouldn’t double post normally, but here’s a branch I’ve decided to merge it into myself:

If you’re brave and know how to compile it, give it a try, I’m gonna rest til’ tomorrow and try to fix it up.


Because no one has PRed it I’d love to have it in the main repo, but I also dont have time to sort it out myself.


I had a quick look tonight at what’s involved in reviving the Android version and potentially PR’ing it into mainline at a later date. tl;dr it’s complicated and I can’t promise anything, but it’s still something I’d like to do.

I remember Wulfe and I were seeing a lot of Google Play crash reports and hardware issues relating to SDL2 on different Android OS versions, and it was a bit of a nightmare to try and fix them all since they only showed up on certain hardware/OS combos.

We made a bunch of modifications to the SDL2-2.0.5 source code to try and fix certain problems with that SDL version, but we’re still seeing a tonne of crashes in SDL code to this day with those changes.

I’ve had a dig through the SDL2 Mercurial history and it seems they’ve made quite a lot of fixes to the Android SDL2 implementation (and included java project template) in the last 12 months (they’re now at SDL2-2.0.8 stable), so it might be a good idea to try and update CDDA Android to SDL2-2.0.8 (including updating the java source code to match the changes they made) and see if things are more reliable then. While this sounds simple, my spidey senses tell me there will be a bunch of other pain-in-the-ass dependencies and complications, but it would definitely simplify things for merging back into mainline if we were just using a vanilla version of SDL2 for Android.

After that, I suppose there’d be the practical matters of submitting a PR, and setting up Jenkins to build an unsigned APK Android version (along with all its fun dependencies - java, ant, android sdk, android ndk etc.). Right now I’ve only had it building under Windows, though I believe Wulfe got it running under Linux, but he lost a bunch of his more recent changes (beyond 0.4.5) before they were pushed to GitHub, so what’s in Google Play is actually ahead of the GitHub source code, and I don’t think we’re able to recover those changes.

So yeah, it’s definitely possible, but a decent chunk of dev work.


Glad to hear from you here.

It would be great if we you could start putting changes for Android build support into main repository. It is totally understandable that it is a big deal of work, but it will be beneficial at the end.


Maybe create a patreon or give us a donate link if you’re considering it?
If you’d be willing to do it, I and many others would be willing to donate!


Haha only if you can make a patreon that pays me in time, not money! XD