Android version being Updated with translations?

There was an Android port, but I dont see any changes reflected, as I cant compile from. source and upload to Google Play.

Developer @a1studmuffin has gone silent?

I would be very interested to invest time, if that could be somehow regularly updsted…

I’ve successfully cloned and compiled existing version of Cataclysm-DDA-Android. Have troubles with copying data files to emulator though. Will try to real device later and also compile updated version from recent Cataclysm-DDA master.


@Zhilkin ats so nice off you, thank you.
Basic game is fine, I mainly check for syntax in german in-game screens (events and such) first.

@kevin.granade how do I install that on my phone then? Could someone Update the google play, so I can get an update once a day?

Updating source to more recent version will take more time than I thought… But I am making some progress.

But speaking of translations: you should be able to simply grab updated string translations file \lang\mo\de\LC_MESSAGES\ from computer and put it to /sdcard/Android/data/com.MichaelDavies.CataclysmDDA/files/ on phone.