Aftershock - A core content pack to restore removed content and drift the game towards sci-fi


OH those things. I’ve no problem with them in game… but WOW. They mess up anything. It could make the game more dynamic having more “structurally” challenging creatures. But the power of those vs say a suped up hulk/brute and the walls they take down. Just makes the game a mess to play. They need balancing for their map/environmental destruction IMO. As they are annoying right now early game, because they just trash everything. XD

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Loving the mod so far!
Balance suggestions if you’re taking them:

To-hit of the hydraulic gauntlet should be nerfed significantly. Following the Weapons Balance page on the Cata github, I think it should be around -3, which would actually put it in line with the combat chainsaw and circular saw. Could also be UPS powered and/or make the player have to 'a’ctivate it for the full power, and have it only remain active long enough to get off one attack, in order to emulate it having to build up pressure and release it for its full damage output. Edit: Actually, if the pressure aspect only comes into play when Pressure Crunch activates, the damage should be nerfed. So maybe you don’t have to do all that other stuff, just nerf the damage and to-hit, Pressure Crunch and being the highest damage unarmed weapon is enough.
The energy saber should also be UPS powered. Not that it needs to be more powerful, but it seems like it could be compatible with at least some of the weapon martial arts. If so, it should take more UPS power just to keep it in line.

New item suggestion:

Hardlight shield, worn on one arm, has the shield technique and very low encumbrance. Also UPS powered.

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Thanks, mate!great work!


So,I’ve had an ideia of industry type power armor

Mining power armor:

An variant of the double tech power armor MKII made in collaboration with a industrial machinery Company this version is made for mining and demolition,it needs skin contact,due to the shock obsorbing plating,gel and interior reinforced with cotton to absorb the shock from explosions and to help surviving cave-ins make it extremely bulky to use even while powered

40 Bash resistance,15 sharp resistance and 5 environmental resistance

The helmet has the same effects as the standart helmet,the helmet features an battery powered air filtration system and the body has the standart Power armor activation in conjunction with an heavy duty flashlight


Deep sea diving power armor

Coming from a coalition of the double tech and a oil drilling company made this ligth power armor made to wistand pressure and Sub-Zero temperatures it comes with it is own air recycling system as well as working just like an less restrictive deep sea diving armor and you don’t have any health risks relating to diving to deep using only scuba gear,well you won’t really fond anything that deep in the mainland US,also the only dangers you may face are bikini using zombies and shark zombies that by some reason are in a river at new England

40 Bash resistance,15 sharp resistance and 5 environmental resistance

That’s all >:0


Those balance issues have been ones I’ve needed to fix, so thanks for the reminder. I’ll patch them out shortly.

I like the idea of specialized power armor, but having never made power armor before, it might take a while for me to make any leeway if I want to go for it.

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Thank you for the Hard-light longbow.


Just saw your PR for new vehicle parts, and I wanted to say I’m loving the convenience of them. Giant deathmobiles are fun, but I like a more sleek 3 wide car so I don’t have to keep repairing or ramming stuff. It’s nice to not need as much space.


That was my main rationale behind them. I have nothing against deathbuses, and sometimes they’re just flat-out fun to make, but for hoarders space fills up very quickly and I found the game a lot more enjoyable when I tested out bigger values.

I also intend to push roof-mounted 200 L tanks to that pull request in a bit (as in, taking up the slot of a solar panel). I had the idea for tanker trucks, which couldn’t really work without it.


Important question.

Are old school Granades in this mod?


Question: tried using the debug menu to find an extradimensional pack. Wasn’t there. Were they removed?


This mod adds the Survivor Utility Belt Sheath and Holster versions right? I think the Holster may be borked, can’t seem to store pistols in them.


Granades are in the Crazy Cataclysm mod, with all the other wacky stuff.

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Granades are in the Crazy Cataclysm mod, with all the other wacky stuff.

I’ll be frank, I literally never saw a randomly genned Granade. I’d also need to point out that they’ve been nerfed to all hell…

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The holster is actually a tool holster, meant to hold a crowbar or other tool. The name is misleading; sorry.


I’m not sure. I might have removed it, but I can’t remember.


May I ask as to why you removed it?


I have no idea, since I can’t remember removing it or why I would want to. I might have renamed it to “bag of holding”, but that’s all I can recall. Feel free to add it back in if you have GitHub experience.

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Ahh okay, that makes sense. Thank you!


I’d just like to update anyone who uses Aftershock that I don’t intend to update it anymore, as the practices and attitudes of the codebase and its most active contributors have effectively alienated me and ruined any desire I had to work on the mod. You can consider this my free pass to edit it in any way you like that you think would make the game more fun.


That’s honestly a shame, I’ve only just got around to trying your mod properly and I’ve been really enjoying it so far. It remind me a lot of the first version of the game I started out playing on.