Aftershock - A core content pack to restore removed content and drift the game towards sci-fi



Awesome! Thanks mate!


may i suggest adding sci-fi weapons too? would like to see a weapon capable of damaging internal body of a zombie without visible external damage.


I’ve already added some science-fictiony gear; I excluded it from the OP so that it isn’t spoiled. I’m still debating where to sprinkle the loot, but right now you can find it in spider basements.


Hi there. I’m having some problems with editing the json file for armor, specifically the extradimensional pack, since I want to wear the armor with dragon wings, a torso mutation that prevents non-fabrics from being worn. I tried adding the OVERSIZE flag to the pack’s flags using Notepad++ but the effects don’t show up in game. Any advice?


The bag of holding uses metal - specifically superalloy - in its construction, and so it counts as non-fabric. The way around that would be to change the materials to only cloth ones, like cotton. It wouldn’t make much sense, but it would still work.


On an unrelated note, I just pushed release 2 to the main thread, which includes more stuff. I don’t have a changelog handy, but the things that come to mind include new professions like the Planar Frontiersman (a blatant Half-Life reference), items like the atomic smartphone, and other stuff. I’ve tested everything thoroughly as I add it, so it should work fine, but if you find any bugs then come let me know.


I notice that Aftershock doesn’t add any of the already-existing mainline modpacks, including ones like MBI that reintroduce some really iconic elements of Whalesclysm. Or maybe it does internally? Either way, there should be a way to have Aftershock include those mods as part of the main package the way Bright Nights includes Safe Autodoc and CGP.


This was an intentional choice, so that people could play it how they like. I view BN needing a safe autodoc as a design choice on the part of its maintainer, but I wanted Aftershock to be usable with any mod combo. I personally use it with Safe Autodoc, Salvaged Robots, Manual Bionic Installation, and some other stuff.


I updated the mod again, with some new generation for things I thought were needful. Some things of note you can expect to find:

  • New rooms in labs, such as the vehicle testing bay, which has a lot of mechanics supplies and books.
  • New professions, like the Circus Strongman and the Librarian.
  • The vehicle freezer, converted from the vehicle fridge in another step. Thanks, VIVIT!
  • Many unique items added to world generation.
  • More locations for recipes of items like the atomic coffee maker.


Hate to chainpost yet again, but I pushed a small update that fixes a worldgen bug. Install it when you get the chance.

There were also some small content additions, like an Affluent Executive profession that starts with a capped-out cash card, and titanium for making things like that one bionic. Right now the main place to get it is from ultralight frames, which spawn on a new vehicle called the Sports Bike that you can find in place of normal bicycles.

Speaking of bionics, big balance change is that you now need either a toolset or a bionic called Precision Solderers to craft any bionic. The exception to this is the Precision Solderers bionic itself, which doesn’t need them to craft.

Do folks want me to keep doing these update posts? I don’t mind just not doing them.


Yeah, that’d be awesome, might think about downloading it because this sounds awesome.


Updates are better than no updates


It looks like great work inssseekt! sorry I was thinking about something other with shock In the Name


What have people thought of the mod so far? Is there anything that comes to mind that cam be improved, changed, or added?


Just a small update, Aftershock has been mainlined! You can expect any updates to the mod to be pushed automatically, instead of to this thread.


Great to hear! I’ll be taking a full look at this once they push the fix for STS, which should be tomorrow. Been looking at this for a while now, and the promise of Daypacks, restored vanilla items, and headless zombies is quite lucrative.


Could it be code duplication?



Yep, it’s already fixed in whenever I update the mod. For context, this mod doesn’t have a set update schedule; I add stuff to it as I play, and if I find it fun, I add it to the mainline for later updating the mod itself. I mostly just use Aftershock as my personal spot for things I find fun for the game so that I don’t need to jump through hoops to get them into vanilla.

That said, of course, I do still have overarching goals, balance concerns, and a vision for how the mod differs from vanilla. In particular, I’m thinking about making Rivtech a much stronger force in the world political stage, and the pioneers of nuclear power; part of the next update will include a bunch of nuclear-powered gadgets like an atomic reading light and the atompot, which functions like a mess kit that needs no power. (UPS’s can also be worn on the legs now, so that’s nice!)

As a final note, the past few updates have included stuff not listed in the changelog, but the thing that comes most to noticeable mind is professions. In particular, I’m proud of the idea I had for the Affluent Execute, who starts out with nothing special - just a bunch of fancy clothes and jewelry - but a very high discount on gas, and a maxed-out cash card (which holds 2 million dollars, if you were unaware.) For anyone who wants to try the new atomic stuff, the Atomic Pitchman starts with the majority of the atomic line of stuff in their inventory. I encourage y’all to demo these professions to see how they play.


Errors can occur when loaded concurrently with bright Nights

DEBUG : duplicate bionic id

FUNCTION : void load_bionic(JsonObject&)
FILE : src/bionics.cpp
LINE : 1468


Aftershock isn’t meant to be played with Bright Nights due to the strangeness that can occur as a result. I can try to do some fixing, but I can’t give any guarantees that it’ll work.