Community Aftershock!

'eyo all!

As we all have all sadly learned over the past bit, Esther is stepping down from their role as active maintainer of Aftershock. However, this does not mean the end of active dev on the Aftershock mod! With Esther’s blessing I am taking over the active maintenance of Aftershock as well as new content additions. Continuing the original mod’s goal of content additions requested by the community, I am happy to announce the new iteration;

Community Aftershock!

To both Esther and I keeping the mod in sync with the user’s requests was a key point when discussing myself taking over the maintenance of Aftershock. As such while I maintain the mod I will aim for weekly content additions based upon community feedback. The post directly below will be reserved for the purpose of displaying weekly questionnaire/forms. Of course regular discussion on this thread, on the cataclysm reddit, and even the discord if you want to hit me up there are all welcome ways of getting in contact with myself. If you’re savy with the .json side of CDDA feel free to even submit some pull requests to the github if you want a more active hand in the development of Community Aftershock!

So to wrap it up, don’t worry at all peeps. Aftershock is still here and it is gonna grow, your cataclysm will enjoy the sci-fi envisioned by Esther and many of us for hopefully some time to come!


This post is reserved for the weekly form updates!

For the first weeks feedback, I’m focusing on learning more about the Aftershock audience and how they feel Aftershock belongs in the CDDA gameplay. Go ahead and check out the linked form for submitting your feedback, or feel free to discuss it here or elsewhere.
Form Link

Do you plan on keeping the version of Aftershock shipped with the game up to date with your fork of it?

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Glad to hear it, Looking forward to see what else gets added to the mod.

I can confirm that this was sanctioned by me.

While community additions are something I was striving to do, also keep in mind that additions that fit within the game and make sense balance-wise are also preferred. A mod controlled freely by anyone would become chaotic and out of control; make sure you choose things that are healthy for the game and not just sound cool.


I don’t plan on submitting any changes made on my fork to mainline, but anyone who wishes to do so a la LivePeoples is more than welcome to!

Thank you Poragon for step up to maintain aftershock, it is always good to have this mod in my game.

Don’t know how you and Esther think on the position of the internal furnace cbm, recently it have been obsoleted from the base game, will aftershock pick it up?

How typical of the Cataclysm codebase. Things like that are exactly why I left.

Yes, I’d say Internal Furnace would make a good and fine addition to Aftershock. If I still cared enough to code for the mod, I’d absolutely put it in myself.

I don’t really understand this mentality, if something is OP, change it so it isn’t. Removing content just seems like the wrong direction to take, if you think consuming planks of wood is too much just make it so you can can only “eat” stuff of a reasonable size.


While I personally actually like the Internal Furnace removal for CBM game play, that sort of sci-fi wacky fits fine with the Aftershock theme plus it’s restoring base game content. So long as the hardcode support for it exists I’ll definatly be keeping it in Aftershock.

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Almost all the CBMs are wacky scifi tbf.

then they fine, if all in same place?

The list of unrealistic CBMs are as long as my arm but I don’t really see it as a problem, if the game goes too realistic it will lose a lot of its charm. A lot of the mutations don’t really make sense either, any of the ones that make you grow drastically in size, shrink you or add extra body parts instantly as an example and those are just the tip of the iceberg. But again, they are part of the charm the game has so I just suspend my disbelieve and continue having fun.


Are you freaking kidding me? How the hell is that CBM unrealistic enough to remove?

The trend of interesting gameplay mechanics being removed for realism has gone on for longer than I’ve been here and I don’t imagine it’ll stop with the Furnace. It seems to be the vision of Kevin to create a hyperrealistic, non sci-fi game where every aspect of the human body is represented mechanically, and although there’d be no problem with a game like that, it isn’t the game that Cataclysm is right now, and it’s not the game a lot of people want.


We slowly change to Unreal world?

I know you said you aren’t interested in doing your own fork, I don’t know where Poragon stands on this but I hope you’ll reconsider. I can’t imagine it will be an easy thing to keep undoing changes to the game using a mod compared to a starting with a stable version of the game you can just add on to.
I’ve got a very shallow understanding of how these thing work though so I could be wrong, I know none of the recent changes have gotten me particular excited and I can’t see myself updating my game anytime soon. It would take something big in terms of actual content to make me put up with all the new systems and I’ve not seen anything coming down the pipeline.

DDA’s engine is its own thing, and has no documentation outside of learning it yourself and through code comments. While I’d love to do something like that, the fact of the matter is that I’m not smart enough to know the causes of bugs and fix them, and the people who do know how don’t share my views on the codebase as a whole.

Heck, I did try to get something of my own going, but I encountered a CTD bug and I was unable to fix it at all. I had to give up because of that roadblock.


not adding yourself to list of maintainers in mod info? its a little detail but i think you deserve it

Been a while since anyone’s posted here, but I may as well bring up an issue if anybody’s listening. Tried crafting my own CBMs just now. I have Precision Solderers installed and all the components I need to make Power Storage CBMs since they are among the ones that I don’t seem to be able to find. Everything’s green to go up to the point I actually get started; the craft goes up to 4% and then I get the message “you no longer have a none and can’t continue working”. I’m guessing that it’s looking for a component that no longer exists in-game, but for the life of me I can’t figure out what that might be.

If this is an ongoing issue, or if anyone else has encountered the same, give a shout.