Self healing polymers (aftershock)

I’m sorry to make a topic just for that - I recently started a new game with aftershock (and a few other mods).
[11372, aftershock, blazeindustries, magiclysm, mst extra, cata++]

I’m doing the quest for the Whately family. At some point I was send to Cyrus (patriarch), and he game me the quest “In the absence of life” that task me to bring him “self healing polymers”.

The cdda item browser recipe tell me a few CBM can be crafted with it, so I found them and disassembled them - but only got the basic solder, power converter, heating element, burnt out bionic and ruber hose from any of them.

So I have no idea where I can get some. Do someone have any idea ? (I do not know how to search in the mods files, did try a bit and didn’t even found the item in question)

your best bet at getting them would be emergency insulation, titanium bracing or kinetic shock absorber, as those three (i believe) are aftershock specific CBM’s that dont dismantle into any other parts.

Oh, ok. I just did try (debug) the emergency insulation, and the complete bionic tool required to disassemble it and found some polymer inside. I’ll need to hunt for both of them then (I guess I’ll hunt apothis bunker location)