Abrahms Fork It

Started a new mod, due to some of the changes in 0.F. This is basically a compilation/compatibility fork, of my favourite bits from some old versions/old mods, some of which aren’t getting updated any more. All credit for the content goes to the original mod creators, and I’ll try to make sure it’s noted where possible. Currently it’s mostly a mix of current version and old version Aftershock, but will contain bits of other mods if I can get those bits to work.

I’m making this strictly for my own use, but will post a link for anyone else who wants to use it once I get it fully functional.

-CBMs that were moved from main to Aftershock
-CBM recipes
-old UPS and advanced UPS recipes (overriding the current Aftershock recipes that use ingredients unobtainable outside of Aftershock scenarios)
-vehicle fridge and freezer (couldn’t get the construction menu functions to work, so instead you have to disassemble a fridge to build a vehicle fridge, with a few extra parts, then use parts from 2 more fridges to convert it to a freezer)
-some vehicle parts (and possibly some vehicles)

While the base game is moving toward a present day setting, and Aftershock is moving toward a far future setting, my goal with this fork is to create a setting roughly 20 years in the future. So I’m removing the far-future/sci-fi content, reverting recipes to their 0.E versions, but retaining stuff that either:

  1. Exists in some form in the present day, even if only as a prototype;

  2. Is technically possible with current technology, but doesn’t exist for non-technical reasons, usually because there’s no economic justification for it;

  3. Is theoretically possible, but requires some further development of underlying technologies before it can be effectively implemented;

  4. Or I like it and I think it improves the game generally.

This is for 0.F stable, and won’t work in experimental.

Here’s the version I’m currently using. It’s not that different from vanilla Aftershock, but I’ve changed some recipes, removed a few scenarios, added back some bits that were in the 0.E version of Aftershock but were removed in the 0.F version, added the chest-mounted fusion cannon CBM from Crazy Cataclysm, added a few bits of my own, changed some descriptions.

v0.1 for 0.F stable: https://www.patreon.com/posts/54861112