Adurnsyl Assorted Arms and Armour

Adurnsyl Assorted Arms and Armour

Download from Github here

More detailed list of everything that this mods contains here (google docs link)

This mod initially started as a personal project out of boredom. I had only planned on adding in a few different guns that I really liked but weren’t in game. Then I decided to take it a little further and add in more real world military equipment, and now I’m here. I feel like there might be a few players out there who would enjoy this mod so I’m posting it here.


  • ACU’s in multicam and UCP

  • IOTV vests in multicam and UCP

  • A bunch of guns (the xm-29 oicw is the one I’m the most proud of, but the others are pretty cool too)

  • Some weapons are now able to be field stripped and combined with other firearms from the same family (mainly AR pattern rifles and the STG-44’s)

  • new ammunition types: 300 blackout, 7.92x33 kurtz and 20x28mm

  • Hi-points

  • new helmets (PASGT helmets) with removable helmet covers

  • many leadworks and other fictional firearms have been removed and replaced with a real world counter-part

  • T.A.L.O.S (Tactical Assault Light Operator Suit) exo-suits

This is my first project so it might be a bit wonky, but I’m still learning and won’t drop support for this any time soon. I’m totally open to feedback and would love to hear from anyone who decides they want to try out my mod ^.=.^

To do list for the next update

  • T.A.L.O.S - HAZMAT variant

  • T.A.L.O.S - light variant

  • T.A.L.O.S - Heavy variant

  • More homebrew weapons and explosives

  • Helmet attachments (flashlights, mandibles, visors, night vision goggles, and other fun things)

  • guns (I plan on doing a bunch of more obscure firearms from the 1900’s and more cold war era weapons)

  • More military mines and explosives

  • flack jackets

  • more firearms that can be taken apart (The goal is to eventually have all real world firearms in game disassemble-able)

    • 9mm is up first followed by 9x18 and 22
  • more civilian / police issue vests

  • EOD suits

  • balancing and spawn-rate tweaks if needed


Is there a possibility of getting some more realworld/modern/futuristic armors in a just armors pack? I’d love some more armor but I’m happy with the number of gun mods in my current world.

I could do that in the next update I push. It’ll all be in the same github repository though I don’t want to have to manage multiple projects all at once. I’ll probably be updating it later today, so I’ll post again just before I upload the updated version.

Awesome. It’d be nice to have some actually decent non-survivor armor for a change.

I’ve just pushed a new build to Github. It has an armours only version as well as a weapons only version for those who just want more guns. I’m not sure how balanced the new vests are so you’ll have to tell me how they handle in-game once you’ve gotten to use them. Since they’re only military issue vests they only spawn at military sites or on zombified soldiers.

Also, from here forward I’m only going to update at the end of the month, so any bugs or weird formatting errors won’t be fixed until the end of November.

Would you consider improving the coverage of some of the vests? Or perhaps add survivor modified versions with extra kevlar that have better coverage?
Also, have you considered adding a bomb disposal suit?

an EOD suit is among the things I plan to add to the next update. As for the vests currently in the mod I’ll be tweaking them until I can get the feel right. I might look into survivor modified variants depending on how much I get done before the end of November, but it’s not at the top of my priority list.

Yes Thank You So Much!

That’s fair enough. I’m just having a hard time justifying using them since they’ve only got 85%. It seems like military grade armor should have 100% or close to…

Most vest, even military issue, don’t cover everything. There are still plenty of places that a bullet can sneak in through. Most notable under the arms and around the bottom of the vest (I know some vests have a little flap that covers the hips and groin but that flap isn’t made to stop bullets, it’s to protect against shrapnel) . getting around that would require a full body armour suit. I have a few of those in the works for the next update. I didn’t include them in the initial release because I was having a hard time figuring out how exactly I would implement them.

I suppose that’s true, I was just thinking it would probably be best for balance to make them actually worth using, but if you have full body suits in the works then that sounds perfect. This is awesome, keep up the good work!
By the way, I used the full pack anyway. The guns are pretty nice.
(Getting hyped for the exoskeletons!)

This update isn’t going to be terribly big because I’ve been trying to balance personal projects and school (I’ve been quite unsuccessfully thus far). BUT I am a man of my word and I’ll be uploading what I’ve gotten done this month to GitHub sometime before the end of today.

(just uploaded it. If there are any issues just leave a reply here and I’ll fix it as soon as I can)

The T.A.L.O.S suit seems really cool, but I wonder if it should be on the outer or strapped layer rather than normal, since it’s an exo-skeleton and that would let us wear proper acid protection underneath.

I’m gonna add in more than one variant of the TALOS suit. school’s been keeping me busy and I had just enough time this month to finish the bare minimum on my to-do list

This is all the stuff I wanted to get to but wasn’t able to because of course work
1: T.A.L.O.S -HAZMAT (less armor but more environmental protection)
2: T.A.L.O.S -light (less encumbrance but less protection)
3: T.A.L.O.S -heavy (for fist fighting a tankbot)
4: EOD 8, 9, and 10 suits
5: Hella firearms (there’s a long long list right now)
6: Make all the stock 9mm firearms disassemble-able
7: Flack jackets
8: more improvised and factory made explosives

Hopefully I won’t be as busy this month so I have more content for next month

I’m getting an error from your mod.

Intresting. Could you give me a little more information?

1: which version of the game are you running

2: what other mods do you have active

3: what exactly happened leading up to you getting this error message

I found what was causing the issue. I have been using an older experimental version to test everything and I neglected to update my game. I’ve updated my version of the game and fixed the issue. uploading a fix after posting this.

Do any of your added guns overlap the other two real guns mods included in the main experimental branch?

Edit: I mean I’m at close to 340 different firearms and 33 different calibers right now.

Edit 2: I ask because i’m doing deep dive ballistics research for Kevin for eventual changes to how firearms ranges are calculated.

The only thing that could be considered an overlap is I redid the stock AR-15 so it could be rechambered in .300 blackout. As for the other firearms I don’t believe there are any overlaps. Given I just updated to the most recent expiremental version however I’ll check again tomorrow and post an update when I finish.

Edit: For my version of the AR-15 it has the same ID and replaced the original AR-15.