About the undead

I’ve been wondering, how exactly are the cataclysm zombies? Just being curious.

[size=12pt]Are they like the infected in Left 4 Dead?[/size]

Fast, and rather weak.

[size=12pt]Or are they more like the zombies of “the walking dead”?[/size]

Slow, but stronger.

[size=12pt]Or are they an other kind of zombie?[/size]
I honestly can’t tell with the fact that there is no “run” mode or “walk” mode. So it’s hard to tell if they’re running or generally walking.

I assumed that they’re more like the latter group, with about as much strength as you would expect from a Human, maybe a bit more. (going from combat capability) they’re actually more fragile than NPCs and the Player, but I need to compare them against the “Human” Mob to really make that call. they move at 80 speed if I recall, have 60 HP (1 HP pool) and have decent melee

There are various kinds of zombies in this game. Some are faster than others.

If you open up monsters.json you can note the speed of each. Your speed (unencumbered) is generally 100, so you can measure your speed against the speed of the various zombie types.

The generic zombie that you see the most of has a speed of 70 and you can outrun them, but a spitter or a shocker, for example, are slightly faster than you and will run you down.

I reckon more the latter (“Walking dead” kind) their slower than an average person but not by much, and even basic variant is strong(ish).
Or this applies:http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/OurZombiesAreDifferent

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When we do have gaits, they’ll move faster than a walk, but slower than a run. You’ll still have ample need for sprinting I’m sure.

Ninja’ed: Caconym has a good point, they fall somewhere in the continuum, fairly near walking dead, but really, they’re our zombies.

Like others have pointed out, our zombies is more like the zombies in “The Walking Death”, the basic zombie is slower than a player but have decent durability.

Always good to know, thanks for the quick answers fellow survivors.