Creature speed estimations should be relative to walking speed not running speed

I was thinking its kind of misleading how the game estimates the speed of enemies by being based around running speed instead of average speed. For example a zombie is classified as “a bit slower than you” but in reality due to stamina limitations it is able to keep pace with you, or even catch up to you when running across a field when you run out of stamina.
It would help alot more with fight/flight estimations if they were based upon a person’s walking speed, rather than top speed

Wouldn’t really help to have almost all of them being described as as a lot faster, though.

You still have the same issue of trying to figure out how you can deal with them and get away if necessary (and possible). The current description does the job of indicating whether you’d have a chance to get away from them once they start to chase you.

Unless you’re in severe pain or have some other diseases like langorous, they shouldn’t be alot faster than you.
Most of the mobs in the game consist of zombies after all

You also have to consider that your speed is affected by a lot of other stuff, not just pain and traits as mentioned above. Cold / Heat also affect it, the type of terrain, etc. Zombies are “a bit slower” but only enough for a “standard” character to earn an extra space of distance every 2 or 3 steps or something like that.

I do agree that the base zombies should be a bit slower than they are currently, because it feels like they are faster than they were a couple years ago. Although, I might be misremembering.

From watching the biochemical crisis movie to now, I always feel that zombies are no longer slow… Become fast and strong!!:rofl: