Quick question for someone smarter than me

I like playing classic zombies the most. I like to imagine the Romero living dead archetype, fairly slow and stumbling towards their potential victims. But the classic zombies are even still a little fast for my taste. Does anyone know where I could find in the code the different zombie’s speeds? I wanna crank up spawn density and run through giant hordes like Dead Rising but they converge on me pretty quick and eat my brains.

Preferably most zombies should move about half my speed. Child zombies and tough zombies I might put at 3/4 of my speed to make things a bit more interesting. If anyone could point me in the right direction it would be much appreciated.

folder where you have cata->data->json->monsters.json.
Get a text editor like notepad++ the rest is easy to figure out.

Kevin came out with both a Fast Zombies and Slow Zombies mod a few days ago. If you download the latest build from the Github repository, it’s included in the data\mods folder. If you don’t know how to build the game from source code, just copy that Slow Zombies folder to you current Cataclysm\data\mods folder and that should do the trick.