A wandering updater appears! Works with B8166 (lazy b8212 update in comments)



Could you make the twisted brute a monster that isn’t instantly spawned? It’s an extreme detriment to early survivors.


I believe the newest version in my github repository has that tweak. Twisted zombies shouldn’t show up for about a week.

edit: added a link to my github repo’s to OP. It’s all I can spare time for right now.


The Oa’s additional buildings is crashing the game, I dunno necessarily why, though.

As long as the mod is in the folder the game immediately shutdown.


That’s been added to the game as a mainlined mod, probably a duplicate ID conflict, though usually that doesn’t show up til world load. I bet a lot of things are borked in the newest version right now, after that butchering update. I recommend deleting my version of Oa’s buildings.