A wandering updater appears! Works with B8166 (lazy b8212 update in comments)

Could you make the twisted brute a monster that isn’t instantly spawned? It’s an extreme detriment to early survivors.

I believe the newest version in my github repository has that tweak. Twisted zombies shouldn’t show up for about a week.

edit: added a link to my github repo’s to OP. It’s all I can spare time for right now.

The Oa’s additional buildings is crashing the game, I dunno necessarily why, though.

As long as the mod is in the folder the game immediately shutdown.

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That’s been added to the game as a mainlined mod, probably a duplicate ID conflict, though usually that doesn’t show up til world load. I bet a lot of things are borked in the newest version right now, after that butchering update. I recommend deleting my version of Oa’s buildings.

I just tried to fix this.

I removed byproducts from the recipe and made a PR on @Malkeus repositorie on github.
I don’t know if it will be enough as I don’t know how often Malkeus checks on it.

Otherwise you can fix it on your end by removing "byproducts": [ [ "leather", 6 ] ], in the cddaxp_survrbelt recipe.
It’s in CDDAXP_Recipes.json file in ...\data\mods\ZSFixed_CDDAXP folder.

Dont know what I m doing wrong. I receive this generating new world:
13:46:27.797 ERROR : src/monstergenerator.cpp:959 [void MonsterGenerator::check_monster_definitions() const] monster mon_insect_dreadfulleech has no harvest entry
13:46:28.084 ERROR : src/monstergenerator.cpp:959 [void MonsterGenerator::check_monster_definitions() const] monster mon_insect_eyedleech has no harvest entry
13:46:28.469 ERROR : src/monstergenerator.cpp:959 [void MonsterGenerator::check_monster_definitions() const] monster mon_insect_hugeleech has no harvest entry
13:46:28.637 ERROR : src/monstergenerator.cpp:959 [void MonsterGenerator::check_monster_definitions() const] monster mon_insect_leech has no harvest entry
13:46:28.796 ERROR : src/monstergenerator.cpp:959 [void MonsterGenerator::check_monster_definitions() const] monster mon_insect_sharpshooterleech has no harvest entry
13:46:29.109 ERROR : src/monstergenerator.cpp:959 [void MonsterGenerator::check_monster_definitions() const] monster mon_insect_spikyleech has no harvest entry
13:46:29.372 ERROR : src/monstergenerator.cpp:959 [void MonsterGenerator::check_monster_definitions() const] monster mon_insect_vampireleech has no harvest entry
13:46:29.700 ERROR : src/monstergenerator.cpp:959 [void MonsterGenerator::check_monster_definitions() const] monster mon_insect_venomleech has no harvest entry

21:41:57.967 ERROR : src/generic_factory.h:352 [const T& generic_factory::obj(const string_id&) const [with T = mtype]] invalid monster type id “tyn_warrior”
ERROR : src/item_factory.cpp:1104 [void Item_factory::check_definitions() const] warnings for type javelin_stone:
ammo type javelin is not known

21:42:57.223 ERROR : src/mongroup.cpp:443 [static void MonsterGroupManager::check_group_definitions()] monster group GROUP_ZOMBIE_MID contains unknown monster mon_skeleton_pk

Its a lot longer.

Update from Github dont help.
Need a hint about the file/s causing the error.

has no harvest entry

find json that defines monster (I’d says monster.json but i’m not sure) , find :
harvest : ...
It’s probably entierly missng from mon_insect_vampireleech and other so you add it and addwhat can kind of item you can get when you butcher them.

for the last two errors I’d suggest to just remove those monsters

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Thank you.
Its a minor problem then. I was worried these errors cause CTD.
Only problem now its the amount of times I need to press Space or I to load the game.

Where are my manners?!
I forgot to give the author a big THANK YOU for your hard work.

Normally I play without mods, this is a big change, I m using the M_onstergroup Combo Patch and all the mods that one need.

At the start of my game there is a vampire with me, after recruit him I can leave him alone against entire hordes. This is intended? He as skills at level 10 to 15.

Ummm… Yes, vamps are particularly demigods in that mod, but what makes me wonder is why it has spawned near you ffs?
Since I abandoned this mod - which means that I have no progress on it for a long time - these creatures are no longer tweaked, like stats reduction and fixes :frowning:

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He is welcome anyway. The guy keep saving my life. At the beginning I believe he demand my blood or something (too much imagination) but he is ok with just meat.

By the way: Thanks for your mod too!

Picture of part of the group. This pack add many places where you can recruit. They’re not all, still have vampires, left them in basements because they died in sunlight, and the “blue team”, and the “best friend”. And the dogs, so many dogs.
I m having lots fun with this. Thanks again.

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Sorry for being late to the party,but I’m having a similar problem with the harvest for the Nechronica mod. It’s probably due to my inexperience when it comes to handling .json any tips?

Add a "harvest" line to the monster generating an error. It could be fixed with this:

Nechronica monster example
    "id": "mon_nec_ZQ_sama",
    "type": "MONSTER",
    "name": "Zombie Queen",
    "description": "It looks like a beautiful girl, but is actually the queen of the undead who leads countless undead.",
    "species": "ZOMBIE",
    "harvest": "zombie",
    "size": "MEDIUM",
    "diff": 40,
    "hp": 300,
    "speed": 90,
    "material": [ "flesh" ],
    "aggression": 5,
    "morale": 100,
    "melee_skill": 6,
    "melee_dice": 4,
    "melee_dice_sides": 6,
    "melee_cut": 0,
    "armor_bash": 12,
    "armor_cut": 12,
    "armor_stab": 12,
    "armor_acid": 4,
    "dodge": 2,
    "vision_night": 6,
    "path_settings": { "max_dist": 10 },
    "special_attacks": [ 
        [ "RESURRECT", 5 ],
        [ "UPGRADE", 5 ],
        [ "TENTACLE", 3 ],
        [ "PARROT", 3 ]
    "anger_triggers": [ "HURT", "PLAYER_CLOSE", "PLAYER_WEAK" ],
    "death_drops": {
      "subtype": "collection",
      "groups": [
        [ "default_ZQ_death_drops", 100 ],
        [ "default_ZQrare_death_drops", 100 ]
    "death_function": [ "NORMAL" ],
    "burn_into": "mon_zombie_scorched",

Below the "symbol": Q, I inserted the "harvest": "zombie",.
Now do the same thing in every monster lacking the "harvest" lines :wink:


Thank you for the help, my head’s still spinning from the amount of stuff on the GitHub.:sweat_smile:

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Oh Malkeus! I summon you! Offering the blood of three nerds (cant find virgins these days)
Can you use your powers to resurrect a recently dead mod?
The noble beast name is Poracomp, deprived of is LUA sustenance the poor thing withered and died.
There is a bag of virtual nachos and holographic meat as compensation.

Ninja mod doesn’t seem to work anymore on newer versions and also cata++ please I beg of ye someone has to do something.

Someone did

That’s great. Now all we need is a translation I guess.

Quick and Easy, ‘GE’ Translation:

A Summary


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I use android though. Too poor for a PC