[Windows] Hocus-Homebrew Mod-Mashup 0.C-4622

Heyo! I wanted to add a bunch of mods to the latest experimental build to spice the game up and hopefully make it a bit more challenging, however they kept conflicting and gave me a bunch of nasty errors. I spent a some time hodgepodge fixing these bugs with my limited coding knowledge. I figured I’d throw my version out there if anyone didn’t have the knowledge or time to do the fixing themselves and still wanted to enjoy the mods all together!

The mods I have fixed to work together and have set as the defualt mod list are:
-Tough Zombies
-PKs Rebalancing
-Vehicles Addition Pack [i]NOTE: Blob vehicles and recipes were removed due to a monstrous number of errors
-Tanks and Other Vehicles
-More Locations
-Animatronic Monsters
-Arcana and Magic Items
-Jury-Rigged Robots NOTE: Some non-existent special attacks were removed because they didn’t exist anymore. Thus a few robots have broken guns.
-Mythological Replicas
-Medieval and Historic Content
-DeadLeave’s Fictional Guns
-Chesthole’s Soundpack

NOTE: YOU can add and remove mods as you please, all I did was make these specific ones compatible on version 0.C-4622

Download for the ENTIRE GAME MODS & ALL if anyone wants it:

WARNING: After getting everything working I have yet to have the time to play-test, so be wary of that.[/i]

Your italics is a bit messed up. Also, if I played half those mods I would download your modpack.

Due to the fact that I have the I.Q of a brain-dead eggplant, I have no idea what italics thing your talking about. Also, I’m pretty sure with well over 1k posts you should be quite well versed in the game and editing json files but in case you aren’t, if you give me a list of mods you would like packed together I can most likely jury-rig em together.

On your NOTE: you enabled italics, but you didn’t disable them at the end of the line. Just stick [/i] at the end and it won’t make the whole rest of your post italicized.

-PKs Rebalancing
-Vehicles Addition Pack
-Tanks and Other Vehicles