A wandering updater appears! Works with B8166 (lazy b8212 update in comments)



Oh word? Dope lol I wamt to get into modding for this game I did a bit of small personal mods in dominions 4 but even then I used an ex. That made it way easier to create mod content (me being the lazy dog that I am) so I get most of the gist as well as downloading and installing mods cause as of right now I have a workable version of cdda but I do have some errors with the mods that I did install we have similarities with mod addiction cause anytime I get a moddable game i shove as much as I can into and wait for the inevitable crash or error. So if I want to get as close as possible to your own personality copy of the game would I download everything from the repositories or is it better off for me to download the mod pack?


The repo’s are most up to date, I haven’t updated the pack in several weeks. Probably won’t get to that until after christmas tbh. I’m constantly adding more mods, I found 3 ‘new’ ones last night.


No problem I’ll be around. Not going anywhere no time soon and cool if I find anything that might fit or be cool I’ll drop the link.


In mutation changes the mutations for Tough, Durable ,Unbreakable, Resilient, Solidly built and TAAANK are all missing their HP modifier lines making them not work at all. I’ve fixed this in my own files but thought I should let you know


If you’re willing to share the files you’ve changed, I’ll be happy to add them to the mod with a credit to you for the fix.


I’ll look into uploading that soon. Pretty sure fast/slow healers and regeneration are missing their codes too. In fact fast healer and very fast healer seem to be missing from the list altogether but they are still in game. I’m no modder but does this mean the new mutations list is installed ontop the other one?

Making the HP modifiers break because it overwrote the original ones with those missing but because the healers arn’t in the modded list does that mean they just don’t get affected and the vanilla one takes effect?


I think with mutation entries, any mod with an identical entry will overwrite the vanilla one. So yeah, if it’s not in the list it will use vanilla. I have it on my list to go through that mod side by side with the vanilla mutations list and remove any unnecessary stuff, I’ll bet it’s full of them.

edit: as for sharing, if you don’t want to go the google drive/dropbox route, you could go the pastebin.org and send me the links you get.


I thought as much. Its definitely missing a bunch of stuff. I’m not gonna make any more amendments than the missing hp modifiers because i’m not sure how it all works. Looking at the quick mutation there’s nothing there to say +10% moves. even in the vanilla files so I have no idea how that works ^^.


a lot of mutation effects are hard coded, though there have been several efforts to bring them over to the .json side for easy modding. It’s probably one of those.

player.cpp line 741

int quick_bonus = int( newmoves - ( newmoves / 1.1 ) );
int bio_speed_bonus = quick_bonus;
if( has_trait( trait_id( "QUICK" ) ) && has_bionic( bionic_id( "bio_speed" ) ) ) {
    bio_speed_bonus = int( newmoves / 1.1 - ( newmoves / 1.1 / 1.1 ) );
    std::swap( quick_bonus, bio_speed_bonus );
if( has_trait( trait_id( "QUICK" ) ) ) {
    mvwprintz( w_speed, line, 1, c_green, _( "Quick               +%s%d%%" ),
               ( quick_bonus < 10 ? " " : "" ), quick_bonus );
if( has_bionic( bionic_id( "bio_speed" ) ) ) {
    mvwprintz( w_speed, line, 1, c_green, _( "Bionic Speed        +%s%d%%" ),
               ( bio_speed_bonus < 10 ? " " : "" ), bio_speed_bonus );



There you are. It was only a couple of missing lines :smiley:

Edit: I see. That’s fair enough then!


Oh my…this mod needs a lot of work lol…Thank you for these fixes


I take it you had a quick look through it? And no problem, Glad I could help.


Yeah. I’m gonna have to go through the whole thing with an eye towards staying on theme for the mod. Any idea what that theme is? There’s been a lot of changes to how mutations are made and I’m not even sure some of these will be working right anymore.

Like, the chimerical protection mutation is unatainable without debugging, how do I address that?


I dunno. The mod makers intention was to buff various mutations to be more worthwhile in the late game. I’d say with chimerical protection and any others like it he probably missed a line of code to allow it to be granted. I mean he missed a bunch of code which made health boosting mutations useless. This is something I noticed the second I had one.


So far, the biggest sin is adding new entries in the middle of the old entries…Always add new content to the bottom of the existing content, people…


So i have errors and a lot of them lol i already encountered one with M_Ninja mod and i’m having some issues with these two errors too. I know this might be a process but i have the attempted load order as well as being patient and cooperative.

DEBUG : Received unrecognized iuse function NONE, using iuse::none instead

FUNCTION : use_function Item_factory::usage_from_string(const string&) const
FILE : src/item_factory.cpp
LINE : 2484

and here comes the second one

DEBUG : Error: data/mods//Cataclysm-DDA-master/data/mods/necromancy//necronimicron.json: line 123:16: value outside supported range

"material" : ["paper", "null"],
"volume" : 5,
"bashing" :
"time" : 120,
"fun" : -3,

FUNCTION : bool main_menu::new_character_tab()
FILE : src/main_menu.cpp
LINE : 694

maybe i just need your mod order list :frowning:


download the version in my github repository, the out of bounds and bad IUSE errors are fixed there.

edit: wait, I read that directory path wrong. I haven’t made any changes to that mod. That’s base game stuff isn’t it?
edit2: yeah, mainline content. I’m not sure why everyones having trouble with ninja mod, I can’t reproduce any of the errors.

edit final: I went and double checked, the version of Ninjamod on github is the same as the one I’m running on my game with no issue, aside from some inconsequential color changes.


I downloaded that version and yea I think that might be the problem because its a color error to my understanding. And I made sure to double check it too before I posted I have a copy of the error of need be. And I got another two errors with arcana and necromancy. I’m trying to see what I did wrong so I was trying to compare and contrast with your mod order cause I have everything installed from the respiratory minus a couple of mods that weren’t included…etc. I literally did what I figured most would do is just download everything activate and yeaaa…

Edit: Went back and saw that you updated the color unfucking on ninja mod. still trying to figure out why i’m getting paper null tbh.


that error isn’t about “null” it’s about the bashing value being a negative number. But it doesn’t make sense bc that mod is part of mainline, not something from this pack. You’d have to be running an out of date version of cataclysm to have that error.


I’m running build 8266 and I updated the game from the launcher. That’s what I have been doing I ran through the errors and I have a playable build expected with little errors and bug pop ups from item factory. I have a complied list of all the errors I encountered too last night. I have no issues diving in the code and fixing it myself (or attempting to) just need to know what direction to head to do I’ll look around on the forms