A wandering updater appears! Works with B8166 (lazy b8212 update in comments)



On looking it over, there are several groups that are unique to the mod and probably only have a chance of showing up inside the field office. Other than that, they only spawn in swamps, sewers and caves. I’ll spread the love a little bit, then we’ll have a chance to have an Allosaurus spawn outside the shelter on ALL of our starts!
I can see how easy it would be to miss all dinosaurs as the groups stand now. Open question here: does anyone know how “auto_total” works in monstergroups? I’m thinking it adds all the freq numbers together and populates the spawnlist to that amount, but I don’t know for certain. I’m trying to decide if it’s worth the effort to try to total them by hand and set the total draws individually for each group. Also, does auto_total negate the use of whatever’s set in “default”? I can’t find a lot of information on monstergroups.


Hey, is there a way to make the bandits not dependent? They are super annoying… Also need any help?


I’m changing their behavior and spwning to be less annoying. They’re very rudimentary right now, basically slightly mobile turrets that drop clothes and guns. It won’t be in the next update, but they’re getting some attention Next update they’ll have more varied drops.

Edit: Lots of update in the last week or so, PK’s, dorf life, Advanced Gear. Expect one for Poracomp within a couple days to fix the minor vacuum packed meat error. If you’re getting complaints about mon_bear_smoky, be sure to update dorf life. And Pk’s is now more compatible with other mods that add monsters, yay!
Oh yeah…I had hairs+ installed, in my modlist, rather than zets hair extensions which is a fixed version of Hairs+. I just opened those archives and dropped everything but the modinfo.json into zets hair extensions, same with whaley’s tattoo’s. Had to edit the mods.json in the save to get rid of all those extraneous Hairs+ mods and add zets. Had no errors or world load or new survivor, so all good there.


Just wanted to chime in saying how much I appreciate the work you’ve put in assembling this, so many questions of what mods to use. The answer is now very simple!

/if the bandit change happened that would be amazing, glocks for days does seem odd…


He’s working on it - next to fixing up the Warhammer Mod, to make it playable. He also seems to play around with the amount of bullets they are dropping, potentially making it a bit more random, which is nice. I’d give you more of an update, but I’m not exactly sure what he’s planning either.
I do have a rough idea of what the new bandits will look like in the future though, so that’s something.


I’ve got a playable version of 40K, when combined with the combo patch to regulate the spawns…Should I copy the relevant numbers and groups from the combo patch into 40K so it can be played solo with better monster spawns? Now that I’m writting it, it seems like a good idea…
Speaking of the combo patch, I’ve discovered the “starts” modifier so I can push back the truly ridiculous things to a few days in. I’ve gotten things spread out over about 30 days now, getting progressively harder. The goal was to simulate contact being made and the scouts and explorers traveling through, making contact with enemy factions and calling for reinforcements…Your first day should still be chaotic, but with fewer unavoidable deaths. You just can’t take on a twisted brute on day one, nor should zombie Queens be showing up on day one. That was the cause of a lot of crazy stuff showing up on day one. They’re like zombie master’s on crack.
I’ve paused work on those two to revamp the bandits bc I agree, they’re super annoying. I’d like some opinions on the behavior of ‘Bandits’. Currently I’ve gotten them to the point where they will ignore you, unless provoked. Then they will chase you relentlessly, until you manage to injure them. Then they fire off one last shot and run away, unless they get distracted by some loot(corpse, or unfortunately, meat) first. But hurting them should make them skittish, so just try yelling right after you injure them. Looters should be cowardly unless attacked and braver in groups. Not much work done on them yet. Oh, and Bandits and highwayman got their drop lists overhauled. Bandits should only drop 1 gun(possibly loaded, possibly with empty mag, possibly nonexistent), some clothes and maybe a bit of ammo. Highwayman share the cop_zombie drops, so sometimes they drop 2 guns, might need to adjust that.
Let me know what you think, I gotta get to work.

TESTING version of M_Agent_Bandits


You should take a look at the current cata++ and PK from D, I think maybe you won’t have to maintain a seperate version of it, I have an install that I’ve playing that just has PK and cata++, and they work well together. In PK folder theres a storage folder called “mods”, and in there is a patch specifically for cata++ & PK


My version of PK has been out of the pack since last update, Cata++ will be out of it in next one. I’ll always defer to the active maintainer.
And the noct-pk patch was the inspiration for the combo patch, fyi :stuck_out_tongue:


sweet, thats awesome. Today I came across firefighter robots, and they perma stunned my character, whats up with that?


Those get what…water blasts? I’ll look and see if they’re getting any changes from the mods. I know riot control bots fire teargas, which is so bad it might as well be fatal, but that’s base game stuff iirc.

Edit: So, the firefighter bot is from salvaged robots…it uses the watercannon from vanilla, which fires 5 round bursts with the “BEANBAG” effect which, you guessed it, stuns you. So I can definitely see one of these being capable of stunlocking you…The question is what to do about it? I could alter them…but they’re slow(70 speed), their range is only 5 tiles, they have 0 aggression and only get mad when they’re hurt…I think they’re ok, just avoid melee range and you’ll be fine.

edit2: got curious…I literally can’t find anything that assigns a damage value to water, so I don’t even think they do damage…Just avoid em til u got a gun.


Yea, it was just annoying because I had 3 of them on me…https://giant.gfycat.com/TallClearcutBlackfish.webm


I’m really happy someone has taken my mod, updated and improved it :smiley:

I was worried it would fizzle out and be forgotten, but clearly people like the concept :slight_smile:

Just one last comment, why do people always misquote my name on here? xD it’s Duros, so it’s “Duros’ Doings” not Duro :stuck_out_tongue: lol.


Oh hey, you are still alive after all! I really liked it myself and kept updating my own version of it for ages. Eventually decided to try to zero point stuff and ended up making my own mod version of it since I didn’t like how it worked. Think you will get back into modding anytime soon? You had some nifty ideas.


Nice to see you again! I really liked the whole airdrops concept, I want to make it take a secured drop point to get the really good drops and have other ideas…
I’ll fix your name in the OP, I had forgotten the s was part of your name :wink:


My game keeps crashing when I try to run your mods? Any ideas what the problem is? here’s the error message:

DEBUG : Error: data/mods//M_Salvaged Robots/monsters.json: line 1:1: Monster attacks must specify type and/or id


“id”: “mon_zombie_necro”,

FUNCTION : bool main_menu::new_character_tab()
FILE : src/main_menu.cpp
LINE : 694


I’m at a loss…salvaged robots only adds a line to the existing mon_zombie_necro, it doesn’t do anything with attacks. Any issues it’s having would have to be from mainline, unless there’s an issue with copy-from…Look:
“id”: “mon_zombie_necro”,
“type”: “MONSTER”,
“copy-from”: “mon_zombie_necro”,
“harvest”: “mon_zombie_necro”

I’m not sure what to do to fix this, but I’ll be looking into it. If anyone has some ideas, feel free to hmu here or pm me.

P.S. What version of cata are you running? I was playing on 8212 last night with no errors.


I was running version 8166, I don’t believe it’s an issue with the ‘copy-from’ function since I looked at some other mods earlier in the load order that also used copy-from to reference mon_zomie_necro and they seem to be loading fine (ex. Arcana, Salvaged Robots, and PK’s Rebalancing). It’s had me boggled for a bit friend.


I’ve been swamped, can’t get to finishing anything atm. I’ve put all my current work on github, it all works up to 8212. Bandits mod has better AI and partially overhauled drops, 40k was stripped from the combo patch, load it after combo patch if you want to see the overhauled spawns. Same goes for any mod adding to monstergroups that isn’t included in the combo patch, load them below the patch.

Sorry Igginz, I haven’t been able to reproduce your issue. My suggestion at this point would be to update from my repository and update to 8212.

edit: Pointed the link at my repositories instead of the overview…Also, everything on there is working on build 8266.


Hey man just curious I made an account solely to post on this thread and ask a question. I know you posted your last version of your mod (your version and mod list that is) not to long ago and I’m honestly confused on how to download it or even where to find it on github honestly github confuses the everlasting fuck out of me and this is probably makes me seem noobish to modding so could you help a guy out?


I can understand the confusion. Especially since I’ve accidently pointed the link at my overview instead of right to the Repositories tab, sorry, it’s fixed now. Each repository is a mod or program. For the most part, all the cdda mods I’ve personally updated have ‘M_’ at the beginning. The ones I’ve included in the pack at any rate. This is my repositories page:

It’s a lot to take in. Let’s assume you want to install the M_Secronom mod:

Notice this file, modinfo.json, that’s required by every cataclysm mod and indicates that this IS in fact a mod for cataclysm. They won’t all be right on the top level like this, but if you’ve navigated directories in (x)windows, you can navigate a github repository.
That’s all well and good, you’re saying, but how do I install it? Easy, click here:
Click download zip and enjoy. I assume you can handle it from there, correct? Just make sure you’re dropping the correct folder in your mods directory.

I think the only weird install on there is Kawaiimaidmod, it comes with soundset files for a soundpack. Oh, if you see ‘forked from yadda yadda’:

That means I’ve copied another coders repository. I may or may not have made changes, but you can choose to use the original version by clicking on the origin, in this case Regularitee/KawaiiiMaidMod. Mine has working teleporters, I’m just saying…

Several mods were only available as a dropbox download or the like, I’ve put them in my repositories for ease of access and version control. Expanded Archery and dda-lua-mop are 2 such examples.