A wandering updater appears! Works with B8166 (lazy b8212 update in comments)



I’ll look into it. It must be recent, I know I saw the recipe for blob feed. I want to bring the Ascension version up to par with mainline anyway.

Thanks for letting me know!

Edit: An Update Appears! Use the link in OP to download.

I have turned Ascension’s version of Vehicle Additions into an addon for the mainlined version, since a lot of the additions revolved around fixing the very problem Carnage mentioned. I haven’t done extensive testing, but I know you can at least cook up bloobfeed and the vehicle parts, and I’m not seeing anymore complaints about invalid books. I’m sure I screwed something up, so let me know if your favorite thing is missing or something is broke.

Open mods.json in your worlds save directory, change Tanks_Malkeus -> Tanks and blazemod_A -> blazemod . Make sure you don’t delete any quotation marks or commas, keep the same format as before.
You can safely delete the folders M_Taanks and M_blazemod_A from your mods directory.

Your first load will have a slew of errors about invalid recipes, ignore those and they should not come back on next load

Sorry for the annoyance, it’s better this way, less things to keep track of. I didn’t like having to maintain separate copies of mainline mods anyway.

edit 2, the editing:

I’ve discovered perpetual energy! I found an Electric Bicycle. If I ‘let go of the controls’ instead of shutting off the engine, it fills it’s battery and any vehicle attached to it with jumper cables.
I can’t reproduce this manually. Has anyone else encountered this? As far as I can tell, none of the mods in this pack alter foot pedals in any way, so is this a mainline bug?


Well that’s new, i’ve known you could use alternator with foot pedals to produce electricity but letting go of controls? Heh.
Just tested, You are indeed correct.
Moreover i’ve noticed taking out the small electric motor prevents this from working. I’m not sure how big of a bug this is tho, How does it compare to solar panels?


It’s related to the motor somehow? It’s got to be a bug, it’s producing power through a muscle powered motor with nobody providing the muscle. I noticed the bug bc it’s battery jumped 20 percent in about 30 minutes (car battery). It works rain or shine, day or night. I’ll try to figure out how much power it’s producing. Were you able to reproduce this on a freshly constructed vehicle?

edit: It will raise a storage battery by 1% per hour. I suck at percentages, but I think that’s 400 energy per hour. Not astronomical, but very very handy. Where that number comes from would be nice to know…a short test later
ah, I bet it’s increasing by exactly 360 per hour, the max of the motorbike alternator that’s installed. I wonder if adding more alternators would give more power, there’s 62/64 power still available from the foot pedals, assuming max output.
edit duex: Ok, so this is a bug with the multiple engine code. If you have foot pedals and another motor, you can let go of the controls and the pedals will keep going full speed. It doesn’t get reset until you try turning off the other motor while standing adjacent to the pedals and controls. I’ve created a self powering electric motor driven RV that produces upwards 10000 energy per hour.


For reference, a single regular solar panel produces 50 epower, where an electric bicycle does 300 ( motorbike alternator )

Are you in any way suggesting that, alternators attached to inactive engines generate power?


Foot pedals are somehow spinning on their own. I first found out on an electric bicycle I found in a bike shop. It’s powering the RV that cooks my meals, I haven’t ridden it in days, but the battery keeps going up. Apparently by about 300 at a time. I reproduced the effect in the RV using the debug menu. I put foot pedals and all the alternators I felt they could handle into the passenger seat. I removed the alternator from the diesel motor and started the vehicle from the passenger seat and then ‘let go of the controls’. After that I went and cooked something on the stove. My available power went up.

I’m running a lot of mods, but none of them alter foot pedals afaik. And grepWin helped me check.


i’ve been able to reproduce all this in vanilla experimental grepwin heh, thought windows offered a way to search through files via GUI : - )
The point of me asking was about the nature of this bug,

weather it's the fact that
  • All foot pedals were spinning when you were using one of em and causing this glitch
  • All alternators on any engines were generating power
    that allowed you to get up to 10000?!!


I’m running a few mods. These were all the alternators/generators I was able to fit while still staying under the 64 engine power the foot pedals have. I didn’t do the math, but theres roughly 10k of generation in that one tile.

edit: the pictured rig is currently sitting still, gaining power. there are no solar panels installed
and grepwin rocks. windows will only let you search file names.


Ah you kept it all in the same tile, That’s an interesting limitation : - ) And a rather astonishing result aswell lol.


It will just keep producing power, until you turn off the engines via control or use the individual engine control to turn off the other motor. It gives this message:

It’s like it’s not registering that you left the foot pedals until that moment.


I Don’t think it checked before allowing you to ‘activate’ the foot pedals, I somehow doubt this behavior is directly related to the bug, versus the simple fact that ‘letting go of controls’ allows foot pedals to keep spinning on their own.


I’m going to use this in a roleplay fashion. I’ll assign seats to my minions with foot pedals and generators and force them to sweat for my gain. I’ll be nice and install a stereo.

edit: that brings up a thought, can NPC’s power foot pedals?


No idea, haven’t played much with npc’s. just recently returned to playing


No matter, with this bug they can! If only we could set patrol paths. Imagine, a roomful of npcs in filthy clothing on crude bicycle generators with a couple of well armed and armored npcs walking the perimeter. And I guess you could actually patrol your base that way too.


inb4 the hammerer npc shows up to solve a dispute you had with an npc, the only way they know how. Oh you’ll be menacing with spikes after they’re done with you :wink:

honestly an oversized hamster wheel for captured animals could be thematic aswell, no?


Hah, like one of those treadmill generators they have for cows. It’s the damnedest thing, they tilt the treadmill til the cow starts rolling downhill, away from the food. It walks uphill to the food, turning the treadmill and making power.

edit: https://www.popsci.com/gadgets/article/2010-04/energizer-cow


I can do you one better. Use zombies, they never get tired. Put a cow or something in front of them as bait.


a threadmill! good one. nah there were other contraptions ( If only i known what they were actually called, or now to google )


this size, but horizontal with a cow attached to it on one end

Don’t google for ‘medieval wench’


It could work! Use child zombies, they’re fast and can’t smash up your contraption.


Nah. Just regular ones (need torque), but cut off their arms and jaws, or shackle/cuff and muzzle them.

Personally, I’d probably have a bomb collar attached too, with an RFID chip so that if they leave the hamster wheel, their head explodes, but I’m paranoid.


I think you dropped this.

Lol, that works for nameless_survivor’s zombie generator too.