A wandering updater appears! Works with B8166 (lazy b8212 update in comments)



Finally a use for zlaves. I don’t know why someone hasn’t done something with them out of disgust.


I’ve never actually made one. What do they do? Just follow you around like a pack animal or something?


a very stupid pack animal. It’s got zombie ai, it’ll walk right into a fire carrying evyrhting you own. Wow, that was so mispelled I left it in out of respect…anyway, zlaves suck.


I’m going to make a thread on it. I have a bunch of ideas for practical applications of zombies.


Oh i’ve used zslaves plenty back when they were fresh, kind of surprised to hear nothing has become of them.


I haven’t used one since I had one walk into a cooking fire while I was cooking. The game, which interrupts me over and over because something happened, that game, it quietly tallied up every piece of loot and showed me how it had all burned up while I was cooking my eggs.
I’m a little salty still…


Way i understood it they were still hostile to you, simply unable to attack. following you as any z would. with an option to tie it down to prevent it for moving. >_>
having it walk into the fire shouldn’t make ye salty, it’s all part of the !FUN! lol



This is a big one. It will require editing your mods.json to keep your world. Details at the bottom.

I’m no longer maintaining separate copies of Vehicle Additions or Ascension, I’ve extracted the goodies from Vehicle Additons and made a mod to merge them with mainline blazemod, called Vehicle Addition Additions (cause I suck). Ascension has updated and no longer requires it’s own versions of PK_Rebalance and Arcana. Nanites sucks and I hated it’s life, thus it is gone. Advanced Gear is the only nano mod for me.

Duro’s Doings is dead, all hail Airdrops and Alchemy! I’ve stripped out the zero point gear and begun work on enhancing all remaining aspects.

Vehicle Addition Additons began as me wanting the crystal paths from Ascension Blazemod, without the outdated version of blazemod it was stuck too. It expanded to me stealing everything unique to that version related to diamond matrix. I made/will be making the recipe’s more inline with mainline.

Monstergroup Combo Patch got a big upgrade, mainly in the legibility department. All groups are labeled, several dropped entries were fixed. Everything is present, now I’ll be working on spawn frequency to make the weaker stuff slightly more prevalent at the beginning.

Every mod I’ve included in the pack which contains monstergroups has had them looked over. I removed entries that led to duplicating the vanilla list several times over, a relic of the old method that HAD to override and HAD to duplicate the list. Yay for progress. The upshot is, all the mods in this pack will play nicely with other mods that don’t override monstergroups.

To fix your save file, find mods.json in your world directory, open in any text editor. Change the following entries, make sure to maintain the quotation marks and comma’s. Save the file ( make sure it saves as .json and not .txt or something). Load your world and enjoy.

  • duros_doings -> Airdrops_n_Alchemy
  • blazemod_M -> blazemod
  • noctPK -> MGCPatch
  • nanites -> deleted (The whole line)
  • PK_Rebalance_A -> PK_Rebalance
  • Arcana_A -> Arcana

Pora’s Compilation updated to 1.5 - All I had changed was updating noFreeze…It won’t be in the download anymore, I encourage you to follow the link up in my op to download the new version. Same Ident, just drop the folder in your mods folder and delete my version.


Is there any possibility you could submit your fixes/changes for Vehicle Addition Additions to mainline?


Vehicle Addition Additions doesn’t have any fixes in it. At least not ones I did. All I’ve done is copypasta the unique items. Which were removed from mainline for the most part. And only partially so far, there are a couple files I haven’t gone through.
It includes some supremely OP high end vehicle parts as well, that I think are broken atm.

What part of the mod are you interested in?


Any of it. All of it. Blazemod already has some hilariously overpowered items in it.

I just don’t like the idea that there are 3-4 subtly different versions of blazemod floating around out there. I’d prefer to see all that stuff unified in mainline so if I have to debug anything, I only have to debug it in one location.


Honestly I agree. At this point most of blazemod need mainlined and half of it can probably get the axe. I don’t remember how much of it actually got fixed because I have very little time to play lately and have mostly been doing medieval churl RP runs.


I’ll see what I can do. The version I sourced it from was the one Ascension used to carry, I don’t know where they got it from. I just wanted my crystal paths back, lol. Does anyone know of an actual maintained version outside of mainline?


Hi, thanks for making this mod pack, and thank you to any and all other contributors who happen to read this. I love it when someone else has done the hard work of making a million conflicting mods more compatible with each other. My own coding abilities are pretty noob tier so I was super happy to see this mod pack.

One thing though, could you share the Mutated Arsenal files? TheJanissaire mentioned earlier in the thread it was made by Alexandreiah but my googlefu is failing me. I can’t find it.


I’m happy you’re enjoying the pack. I’m not sure where the original download is, I got my version from TheJanissaire via message.


My man! This modpack now main focus of my tileset. I will add everything from it soon.


Wow! That’s so cool! I really like your tileset, especially the status effect bubbles. It’s nice to know at a glance how messed up my NPC’s are. I’m looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

On a side note for everyone else, beware the warhammer 40K mod, I need to do some serious balancing. Ork’s do 257 damage through barbute helm and plate armor. Spawnrates are whacked too. You will lose your survivor.


I see in your mod list you using whaley locations, but arent they already in the main game?


I reduced the required spawns on all locations to 0 or 1 to free up overmap tile spawn locations for the randomizer. The goal is more variety from several different building mods without getting the overmap_special limit error message.

Edit: Also, that is a big river pack adding shacks and stuff. Is that in base game already?


I think it is, but it is merged with BOATS mod.