A couple random idea

basically logs cut in half it cooks much better than logs but take some more work since you have to cut it.
wood storage. a small shack you can store firewood and logs. also comes in a small holder form for indoors. mostly a decor thing works and can store a ton of logs and such but still mostly a decor thing.

barred windows. iron bars over a window works like the boarded up in it defended your window but actually lets them be opened (with the idea the bars go over the outside of the window facing the outside) and shot from but not climbed through.
hatch. know many version can be done a cover for basements that can be disguised for those underground bases in the wild. but also placed on windows working like a metal version of currents. would block off light and be actually useful in defense since even if the window is destroyed the hatch remains and can block off the frame. also works well with the barred window

food varity. or more eating the same meal over and over lowers the joy you get from that meal for a time (aka untill you eat something different also it would be possible to get this on more then one food dont think having a farm that grows two kinds of crops will work for this) eating only cooked meat will get old you should mis it up like make a sandwich or a stew/soup or salad mix it up. i mean i love pizza but eating it three times a week once when time was tight and it got kind of old. there being one mistake at the least each time didn’t help

car paint. the red is fine and all but would love to change the colors of the cars. even if nothing fancy is on it i would think the option to “paint” symbols (it would mostly be a text decal) would also work.

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