My home - My fortress! and some place to rest, craft

Oh children, IT’S FEEDING TIME!!!1
My idea is to make fuel-powered stationary building for cooking purposes. so, instead of making fire outside to bake bread/meth/cook meat we’ll turn on the oven. we can use some bricks(rocks?), pot&pan, maybe something else and have totally functional oven for cooking.

is there any way to make fortifications? I saw none. how about some walls that can be shot-through? maybe wall with big holes or some metal bars. Fences are useless, because zombies chew them faster than I eat my sandwich and some good grates should be a huge pain to pass through them. maybe we should decorate it with nails? or maybe make fortified fences to make them indestructible.

I saw many traps that are built but can never be disarmed or destroyed? maybe if you smack some dissector or spinning blades with hammer or baseball bat or by throwing something heavy (hey, it’s some technological stuff. not an alien quantum-magic powered hurricane of elementary particles and acid moisture that destroys anything, living or not

Maybe give some differences to furniture? like bookcase can hold more books than a dresser, fridge or counter. same goes for other things.

instead of making fire outside to bake bread/meth/cook meat we'll turn on the oven

Woo, I’ve got some crazy idea: a simple indoor fireplace made of metal barrel and 2 metal pipes. This piece of furniture may be constructed near the wall and the smoke is generated on another side of the wall when stove is working.