New Construction: Shutters

I was disappointed that once a window is broken, either you have to replace it with a similarly fragile window or you just board it up.

What I’d like to see is the option of sturdy shutters that can be built at a slightly higher Construction skill. These would function like windows but by default not allow light through (no curtains necessary to block vision). This would allow passage through the window while also providing some protection from enemies.

The recipe could be a simple 6 2x4s, some nails, and a hammer or equivilent.

(As a sidenote, it might be interesting to add a ‘hinge’ recipe using scrap metal/steel for use in creating doors and shutters. On the one hand I dunno if it’s worth getting particularly finnicky with recipes, but on the other hand it makes sense)

It’d be nice to have shutters for vehicle windows too. Preferably metal onces, so they both weigh something and LOOK AMAZING SUPER MEGA COOL.

Maybe we’re thinking of different shutters, but how would you walk/crawl past them? At least from what I can think of, shutters either would be sturdy OR passable.

So, basically a door that slow you down when you get through?

I think Hyena means shutters like a trapdoor style which you might see to enter cellars or treehouses, so basically a small door in the place of a window frame.

Like this?

[quote=“Disarcade, post:6, topic:1139”]Like this?

Personally I immediately thought of something like this:

Blinds work too.

A shutter being the best possible descriptor for a window that has what amounts to a door over it. Given that you are making it yourself, it isn’t a stretch of the imagination to simply install a door onto a window. It doesn’t matter overmuch what it looks like, whether a single door or two like traditional shutters with handles and a latch. Just that it obstructs vision, can be opened and closed, and can be bashed down. When it is open it still counts as rough terrain for movement point costs.

I’d like to see an upgraded ‘Shutter’ that has an electric motor in the recipe and is made with sheet metal, allowing you to open and close it and is highly resistant to damge


what about being able to build in arrow slits to shutters/boarded up windows? allow visibility and ranged attacks. seems liks something that was very popular when people were into building heavily defensible structures, and a classic in any western film.

also, slightly off topic - is it possible to add metal to walls so you get metal plated walls for a bit more of a beefy defence without going full palisade?