"furnituring" my evac shelter

i feel my evac shelter is a bit…deserted,i removed all the benches and other thingies to get 2 by fours and now its completely blank apart from the working computer(which i cant understand how its still working.)

my base got a few simple things i made with vehicle construction like a power station(solar panels,a battery case and storage battery) which i drag inside when its night, a welding rig (rig and storage battery),a bed on the basement(made with car seat and steel frame).

i got a complete toolbox,bottle jack and welder.

any ideas of what to add to my base now would be useful.

edit: i added a fridge,chem lab and kitchen unit to the welder platform,so now it dont feels so empty,but its still not perfect,and i still feel than there is more than could be added

Forge, anvil, anything related to metal working.

A kitchen unit with water tanks.

A FOODCO unit.

It is kind of large space. Maybe build interior walls and divide the space into smaller rooms. Be ready to remove and rebuild some of the doors and windows. The center staircase is kind of tricky, so maybe remove/rebuild it as well. You could get decoration ideas from some of the existing houses.

You cannot craft all the furniture, but nothing stop you from dragging them to your base. unless you need to go trough some stairs.

There is a range from where you can use item on the ground to craft; I don’t remember exactly the number (I think it’s X----> minus the four corner, so 5 in each direction for a total of a line of 11 squares).

It’s easy to test anyway, just put some stick on the ground and move around until you cannot craft from them.

If you want to stick inside the shelter, you can make a square inside it with this range in mind; just make sure to not put furniture inside this area that can stop you from using item behind it, like a locker.

I usually just at this point separate the area
Clothing - one square/type of rag;
Food - I do not use a fireplace but instead the vehicle part, which is linked with a cable to another trough a windows outside so I can use some solar panels or directly link to my usual solar vehicle;
Metal - Metal part, vehicle part, electronic things, with one square where I put stuff I want to dismantle later.
Misc - Clothing I use, storage of mutagen/bionic and everything needed to make them, book, food/coffee/tea I use, tools, gun, ammo

After doing that you can always just take down a wall to make more space so you can left your vehicle inside.

Staircases might be a bit annoying, but nothing stop you from placing a furniture on top of it anyway, as it’s not really useful.

ps : all of this is pretty much overkill, mind you. And useless as the game search for part when you craft, so you don’t really need to store them like you would IRL.

Usually i’ll build a few minifridges linked up to some storage batteries to preserve a lot of my food. If you’re in the Evac Shelter then build these down stairs and store ALL your perishable foodstuffs down there anyways. It acts as a little pocket dimension and spoilage will only occur if you’re physically down there anyway.

I’ll have a number of charging stations linked up to some solar panels outside to recharge batteries and equipment.

A water collector linked up to a water purifier.

But for general furnishings? I’ll build a little comfort area. Some sofa’s, a stone fireplace, bookshelves with entertainment loaded onto them (MP3 players, Booze, books etc)

Kitchen area with tables and chairs, a Kitchen unit running off of a storage battery, water tank for extra storage, cabinets and counters for storing pots, pans and keeping foodstuffs organised. (drinks, condiments, junk foods each getting their own cabinet.)

And yeah, like folks said above, a crafting area with a forge, anvil and organised storage for different types of objects (Textiles, electronics, raw materials, chemicals etc.)

That’s not true anymore, and hasn’t been for quite some time.

If you have z-levels on, it’s DEFINITELY not true, but even if you don’t, the game is supposed to “catch up” on aging of items when they get reloaded.

Yepp. Moreover, the vehicle parts that are powered and use fuel or bettery are tracked outside reality bubble for a really long time already. So yeah - the batteries will die and all ypur food will rot. No matter what floor your fridge on.