[32x32] MSX DEAD PEOPLE Tileset



Hi, @SomeDeadGuy, really love all the work you and @Xotto have been putting into this, even though I haven’t played since like 2016/2017. (I 'm thinking about getting back in when 0.D comes out somewhere in 2020 :grinning:) Somehow in 2(?) years of contributing to tileset, mapgen and some other stuff and actually rarely playing i got burned out.
When I first pushed Xotto tileset for them into the main branch I did some “maintenance” tweaks, which apparently were overwritten by some other update later. Mostly adding transparency to the outlines. Plus some minor tiles change.
I also “reworked” destroyed car parts but I don’t know if tileset still uses them.
In the end by removing transparency I found out there were a lot of “stray” pixels, especially around weapons.


Really cool tweaks. No i do not think they are in my tileset, i will add them today!
Stray pixels i mostly found and cleaned, there were a lot of them. I will check it again maybe i missed some.


Hey, I didn’t think you would actually bother. by the way these aren’t all the tweaks, just the major ones, I just looked at the difference between my old version and your recent update.

Edit: Wow, you already updated tileset before I was done vacuuming.


SDG is awesome like that😎


0.D is scheduled to come out today or tomorrow if all goes well, btw, mshock :slight_smile:


Haha, nice to see Mshock back around these parts. I stil remember using your tileset, before guys like Chezzo and SomeDeadGuy came along… :smiley:


Will you be adding new sprites for the new zombies when 0.D arrives?


Good morning, 0.D already arrived. :slight_smile:
What new zambis are you talking about?


There’s no new zombies, it’ basically just a changelog for the current experimental version to become stable default one. (I beleive) because burner zombies were removed way before when I started (beginning of 2018 at least)


I see. I misread then Chang e log


There are two new ones in experimental: https://github.com/CleverRaven/Cataclysm-DDA/pull/28174


Now i need to redraw scientists too. They no longer look and move like humans. Working…


Will you be looking into improving the mutation sprites in the future?
I mean, the lizard scales mutation looks like a checkerboard and less like scales, as one example.
Made a sample (made for MSX++, so would need a bit of adapting)


I will revert to Xotto mutations, for the most part, i think.
I just cant draw them it seems.


Keep the current scientist file handy, something similar may return soon.


Ooh, sound interesting!
I backup almost everything what i do not use anymore or WIPs at the bottom of 14_tiles2_32x32_22365-27564.png file.


this is me trying to keep up with all untiled content after 0.D content freeze finally unleashed it


Really has more crap in it than experimentals? I haven’t updated in a few versions.


Ya so much stuff keeps getting added in a huge tsunami.


so i installed the newest undead version but im not facing the direction that im walking. did i forget to add a folder?