"LivePeople" tileset!

We recently added a new quality tileset to masterbranch. I urge you to try it and express your opinion.

Care to post a link, screenshot, or description?

Edit: I see, is on master. Sorry for snark. What’s this set about? Is it feature complete?

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Didn’t you changed the name to DeadPeople on github?

Only technical name, for better updating ability.

Yes, complete. Updating almost every day.

II found it when trying to find a set that actually shows the tall grass and I have been using it for a couple weeks now and really like it.
So does the masterbranch mean It will update when I update my game through the launcher? Awesome either way!

So, this version of tileset will be like lite version of my tileset, i think. Best version still gonna be elsewhere and you will have to update manually, well, atleast until launcher gonna be updated with custom tileset function.
This version, if it stays in main repo at all is going to be version for LAZY people, who do not want to update manually. And it will not be updated as much, as actual tileset. Something like that.


Can you just post the link?