[32x32] MSX DEAD PEOPLE Tileset



i just encounter something that mind-blowned me so bad that i actually surprised :smile:

so i just updated my game along with the tileset (game version to 8550, deadpeople tileset redownloaed from github due to being replaced by livepeople) and i don’t know what happen but the game suddenly start getting 5-second freeze while moving around area heavily-infested with zombies… so i check on task manager and found out the game is consuming 70% of my memory (the “Memory” consumed by game is 1.925.031 ) which is weird since the game usually sits at 600k memory process…

what happen there?


Found a way to fix ALL misaligned tiles in software rendering. It will require a lot of work, so stay tuned for further updates.


Hehehe, what a mess! :sunglasses:

Many gibs being remade to make them more disgusting!


Hey how do I install your tileset? Looks neat!


Put folders MSX++DeadPeopleEdition and MSX++UnDeadPeopleEdition to cataclysm folder/gfx
in game choose UNDEAD_PEOPLE tileset in graphics settings.


Thanks bud! Appreciate that.


That’s a lot of bee.


It is wasps mah dude!
Bees are yellow.


Beasps? (That sounds scary though)


I’m honestly a bit confused about what to install here. My experience is mostly installing sounds and fonts. What are the essential elements of this tileset I need to download before I mod anything? Im having trouble navigating through the repo.


Made new Tables, Writing Desks and Kitchen Counters!




You should totally rework some of the traps, (mainly the shotgun trap)


(For context, let’s use this thread to discuss the animations of walking for now). I guess it would be a big fix for a small problem though, and making an animation for walking would probably be time consuming, as first: Replicating Xotto’s art style, and the design of it. (If it was a bit nebulous on how I described to make it function with json, it would be sorta like moving would change your characters portrait to a walking or running portrait. Same with other portraits too I guess).


create tile for each frame of movement for naked character, after this i would need to create animation if walking for any thing what can be represented on character (clothing, weapons, mutations, bionics).
Now imagine number of sprites i will require make walking animation in one side, then multiplie this by 4 for each side character can walk. Thousands of sprites!


Yeah, big fix for a small problem… It’d be pretty cool though, that’s for sure, but adding the json for every sprite too would be hell. (Maybe just some paste and copy though, still would be mind numbing though.)


I was recently thinking about stairs (for whatever reason) and I thought about if you could make them more intuitive by making the sprite the whole stairs, and making the direction that the stairs go in relation to the key press ("<" or “>”). It would look marginally better than just having a stairwell or stairs at least, but it the default sprites look pretty good (other than the arrows above the stairs, I guess).


New Benches


So should I download it again to get these new features or are they not out yet…?
Does the version of the game matter?


Yes, you should download tileset again. I always specify if something what i post is a WIP.