About Chestholes tileset

Im not sure if this is the right place for this or not, but after upgrading Cataclysm a couple of times this week, I have noticed that the Chesthole tileset that comes with the game, seems to be missing graphics that I dont remember seeing missing before. Like a Lilly, just had a P symbol or something.
Ive been seeing more and more of this as I play, and I dont remember seeing any of this a couple of weeks ago. Is it something Im doing wrong or anything?

That texture pack just isn’t frequently updated, I recommend trying MSX-DeadPeopleTileset, it will take a little getting used to if you’ve only used Chesthole. MSX-DeadPeopleTileset is updated almost as frequently as the game, everything should have a dedicated sprite, unless it’s from an obscure mod or something.

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I’ve found some missing tiles in MSX DeadPeople, what would be a good place to report it?

Create issue on git, or hit me up on Discord @SomeDeadGuy#3894.

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My bad, I was using different tileset. I actually was missing bunch of other tiles but playing asci for years just blended it out. MSX DeadPeople have all of those covered:

The stuff I was missing - primitive floor tiles, butchering rack, fiber mat, root cellar, some of the flowers. Now its all covered and contrast is so damn good! Loving it!

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The MSX DeadPeople tileset is brilliant. It’s just a pity that it’s not advertised somewhere, so that more people could find it and start using it… :slight_smile:

Yeah, I always recommend MSX DeadPeople tileset, very nicely done and almost always up to date. Need more people talking about it more places to everyone uses it lol

I think the scope and lush nature of ChestHole32 kinda makes people prefer it to the others. That and the Super Nintendo style.

only ever use the RetroDays tileset, even tho it’s not completely up to date.

the only problem i have with the MSX deadpeople tileset is that it keeps uninstalling after i update the game. like, how???

If using launcher: it is known for removing anything it isn’t putting there.
If not using launcher: depends on how you are updating, but if you are keeping the old folder and making a new one, just copy the tileset over.

is there a way i can prevent the deletion?


to be honest, I’ve only ever had the launcher delete files when it fails ti install an update and, as mentioned before, I get around this by deleting my saved game, and then restoring it from the recycle bin.

If the launcher is failing because of a folder not being empty, try doing what I do, and keep files in an easily accessable place. In my case, I use a flash-drive that is always sat next to my PC… :slight_smile:

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