[32x32] MSX DEAD PEOPLE Tileset



What mods does this pack currently support?


Many of them. Sadly i do not remember what are they. :slight_smile:
Soon i will make a list with all mods with full and partial support.


I guess I should be more specific what mods are the hydroponics from?


Brah, link in the thread. Third post from the top, posted by stk2008.


@SomeDeadGuy I can’t find you on the discord server.
I wanted to ask about winter tiles.
Would it be a horribly big job to separate out tiles that look “snow-covered” from those that are just winter variants.
For example, trees in winter don’t have fruit on them, this is an important visual signifier.
And when it turns the winter the game stops displaying f_tree_oak and displays f_tree_oak_season_winter ( or w/e the name is )
Thats fine.
But the tiles that have visual snow on, I’d like the game to check instead "if( snowfall > x ) then display t_grass_snow_covered.
Right now to test, what I did, was that in the tileset I changed t_grass_season_winter to a new furniture called f_snow , and then dropped that onto every tile.
However the boulders and stuff still had the green background, because the underlying terrain hadnt changed.

If tiles had snow variants I could let the game decide which one to display.

I hope this makes sense, and wondering if you had any input on how best to achieve this from a tileset angle?


On Discord, not on discord dda server.
I am not allowed there, ive been a naughty boy ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
I mean directly on discord. We need to share much information about this, i would rather not clog this thread with it. And Discourse is not that good for quick discussions.


Black Lines are now massively reduced on software render. Had to make some sacrafices in variations of tiles, and removed water outline effect. But it is way less bothering than black lines everywhere.
Game software render is still broken, but i found workoaround thanks to dude on github.


Funny. I always thought this was an intentional thing in the game. The lines let me be aware of how far away something is and how many tiles I need to move in order to find my way to it. >_>


Are this tileset being updated on launcher?


You’ll get the latest version of tilesets upon downloading CDDA…


It is but at a slower rate than on SomeDeadGuy’s repository.


Nope. Launcher do not have tileset support yet.


Tileset on main game repo updates once a week at best. I update tileset on my git almost every day. :sunglasses:


That means that the launcher does not actually download the tileset when it’s updated on clever Raven ?
It’s weird because update of livePoeple do appera in the changelog of the launcher


Nonono, i was meant tilesets what are not come with main game. Tilesets what have different places they need to be downloaded separately.
Launcher do not supports that like it does with mods.


The launcher really should honestly, Tilesets would be nice to tied in. Still can’t look a gift horse in the mouth and the launcher sure does save a lot of effort already. Curious how different this will be from MXotto+. It looks pretty similar which I like, especially the terrain, though shouldn’t all the zombies have black oozy eyes?

Edit: No Skin texture change for being covered in furred plates? D: Total Dealbreaker


Some tiles for mod what never was. Supposed to add uniquie zombies to some locations and also expand variety of random enemies, i think. Got so exited for it and made tiles for it while it was in concept fase. Sadly it never came out.




bar (biker gang)

mechanic shop


Nice, now CDDA became specific with zombies’ profession :wink:


It’s a shame, those are some good looking zombies. If that’s a jumpy jumpy shock zombie That’d be a total nightmare lol.

Btw are you going to expand some of the mutation tree looks at all? Atm it’s the main reason I don’t use the tileset as it turns my MXotto+ Dark furred chitin plated boy into pasty white. Unless there’s some other issue going on causing it. Otherwise the tileset is definitely good.