Sees player icon mod for MshockXotto+

Im wondering when can I get a mod the likes of sees player icon for retrodays and hitbutton but for MshockXotto+. Ive heard you can just accommodate the json file to work with any tileset but that didnt work for me (maybe im doing it wrong).

But there’s a see icon by defaut in MSX already

Is there? It doesnt show for me. And im using the MSX version that cames by default with 0.f-2

Just checked and you’re right it’s not in. But we can just add it in the tileset, no need to make a mod for it. I’ll try to add it this week.

Done, it should be in the next tileset release

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Actually I’ve updated the release from earlier today to include it. So you can get it there: Release Tilesets Release, 2021-10-18 · I-am-Erk/CDDA-Tilesets · GitHub

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