100 armor coverage doesn't protect from bleeding attack

New player on stable 0.F, wondering how armor is supposed to work. My PC is wearing a tactical full helmet which has 100 head, eye, and mouth coverage with 12.5 bash and 15 cut protection. A mi-go, which wiki says does 4d6 bash + 6 cut damage (I assume this means max 6, not max 30 cut damage), gave PC bleeding status on head. (Log: You’re bleeding! The mi-go claws at you!) Helmet was not damaged. So is this an oversight or intended? I would understand if it was a stun or shock status effect, but is a measly claw swipe intended to bypass full armor? If it wasn’t a claw but a bullet, oh boy. :stuck_out_tongue:

And thats a false assumption. 4d6 (4 dice, 6 sided) means 4-24 damage + 6, so 30 is indeed the max. Armor can be overwhelmed without taking damage, especially if its particularly durable (forget the phrasing of the flag, will hold up well in combat or something).

If you wanted to explain it logically, the helmet got hit hard enough that the lip of it cut into yer forehead, or something similar. But in pure game terms, the armor blocked what it could but couldn’t block all the damage, and some bled through.

That message belongs to the “scratch” special attack (doing 11-23 cut damage in their case with 20% armor reduction), so it can easily outdamage that helmet.

Thanks for the replies! Still not certain what melee_cut:6 from json means, but I’m leaning on it being independent flat bonus in the form of cutting damage, according to this post. So I probably did get hit by special attack in this case, instead of mi-gos normally being capable of multiple attribute attacks (simultaneous bash and cut, yikes).