Protection Details

Now items for the hand/feet areas give protection values, however there are no hp bars for your hands/feet.

So my question is, does your hand/feet protection stack with you arm/leg protection to protect your limbs? I personally have 23 slash protection for my arms/hands combined, will all that protection go towards protecting my arms? Also do stabbing attacks use the cut protection or are they unaffected by armor? Also any general helpful information about protection would be lovely since the Wiki doesn’t seem to be too descriptive on the topic.

Here’s how it works, the hit locations are:
bp_torso, bp_head, bp_eyes, bp_mouth, bp_arms, bp_hands, bp_legs, bp_feet
The body parts tracked for HP are:
hp_head, hp_torso, hp_arm_l, hp_arm_r, hp_leg_l, hp_leg_r

Two things don’t match up:

  1. hit locations are bilateral, but armor doesn’t care about that.
  2. No seperate HP tracking for hands vs arms etc.

What happens when you get hit:
Damage is targeted at a hit location e.g. right hand, left foot, right torso, left eye, etc…
armor absorption is applied:
for each article of clothing:
if the article covers the hit location:
check coverage (this is a percentage of coverage, how much of the body part is covered, which corresponds to how likely a hit is to hit the armor)
absorb some of the damage
apply damage to the body part. Various hit locations are merged together, like hands and arms both damage arms, eyes, face, mouth and head all damage head, etc.

So if you have a bunch of gloves on, but nothing on your upper arms, you’ll have a lot of protection if your hands get hit, but none of your arms are hit. But if either location is damaged, the damage gets applied to the arm on the appropriate side.

Hope that clears things up.

Also I’d like to expand the armor menu (’+’ by default) to show all the hit locations and level of protection for each.