+1 in weapons (realism weapons patch ?)

So… CDDA have many weapons… especialy with mods… and… there such thing with weapons as +1
+1 allow have +1 extra cartridge in gun so gun may have full mag and 1 ammo inside chamber waithing for hammer hit primer, also not all weapons have +1 like… revolvers… energetical weapons… flametrowers & ect
So… Devs! what you thing about add mod or patch to gawe with will add +1 mechanic to weapons system ?

I get that you are not a native english speaker, so please use an online translator to shift the words I type into your native language. +1, on weapons, signifies a modification to said weapon. A rifle with a sling is a rifle+1. A rifle with a sling and a suppressor is a rifle+2.

My Ak-47 with a scope, foldable stock, suppressor and brass catcher is a AK-47+4. I do hope this helps.

Umm, I’m thinking Defective is referring to a “One in the chamber” mechanic. You’ve got you handgun with a 7 round magazine and currently that’s all you can load into a gun. With the “One in the chamber” mechanic, you’d be able to load 8 bullets into the weapon.
It’s an idea that’s been brought up more than a few times, but never seems to gain traction. I imagine it’s a lot of work for little return, it took awhile for magazines to reach their current state, this is the next step in realism. Probably happen eventually.


i thought it was the “+1” of mods like invalid_username said, but im thinking that he means like an “enchanted/reinforced” +1 mechanics

I thought that too on my first read through. But they make a point of saying ‘full mag and 1 ammo inside chamber’ and follow with ‘not all weapons have +1’ and reference revolvers, flamethrowers, etc.

Ok, Defective, we’ve got 3 different takes on your orignal post, time to weigh in with a clarifying post :wink:

FWIW, I too think he’s referring to the “one in the chamber” mechanic of automatic weapons, the key being…

+1 allow have +1 extra cartridge in gun so gun may have full mag and 1 ammo inside chamber

I also restraining myself of posting certain pulp fiction gif in regards to this butchering…

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I’m having an moment here just imagining Defective running our replies through the translator and trying to make sense of them. TFW he realizes we’ve been trying to do the same and no one has actually given any feedback yet, aside from that last sentence in my post…lol, oh man.

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Rereading, I think you are correct and my understanding was mistaken. It would be neat to be able to slip an extra in the pipe, as it were. But I’m a 1911 fanboy, so that kind of thing appeals to me.